10 steps to become a digital content creator

It’s the Digital age; Education, Banking, Shopping, Research have all adopted the virtual medium for operations. But one primary field that has spearheaded this push is the entertainment industry. And at the forefront of this push are the digital content creators.

What is Digital Content Creation & Who is a Digital Content Creator?

Digital content creation consists of coming up with ideas and subjects that are engaging towards your audiences and producing materials and content that is relevant to those ideas. A digital content creator is a person responsible for creating captivating and visually attractive content which resonates with a specific audience.

An aspiring individual who has the creative and artistic acumen for creating engaging topics can enforce their mark in the digital world by becoming an ace digital content creator.

It is challenging,Yes. The digital world is like the sports industry; very competitive to get into but once you are in the top 10%, generational wealth awaits!

If it is your dream to get into this field, then following these 10 steps may help you in no longer perceiving it as a dream.

10 Steps to become a Digital content creator

1. Get Familiar with your niche:

Perhaps the most overlooked step when pursuing digital content creation. Beginners tend to follow whatever the hype topics are in the market without conducting thorough research on those topics. Pinpoint the subjects you want to specialise in and the ideas you want to cover.

2. Learn to earn:

You grow in life. You grow in content creation too. This is a very dynamic and evolving field and those are dismissive of learning the new changes end up being the ones who are dismissed. Honing your skills in design, video editing, SEO optimization, web traffic, photography and other relevant abilities helps you in staying ahead of the curve.

3. Portfolio Management:

No,this is not about finance. At the end of the day, a portfolio is basically a display. In this case, display your experience and skills. Display your talents, your acumen, your arts, your intellect. Display wherever you can. Display Yourself. This is crucial in making others know who you are. The content you create is in a way a reflection of who you are and displaying it boosts your own goodwill.

4. Plan N’Execute:

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Applies here too. You need to have a Structured content creation plan that provides the topics you want to cover and the mediums that you will use. This brings order to your activities and you benefit by focusing on optimising your time and resources on the content you find challenging.

5. Platforms Matter:

Sometimes you are who you are not because of who you are but WHERE you are. We are products of our environment too. Likewise,your content is the product of its platform too. Tailor your content to the platforms. Bright, garish and engaging videos and stories for Instagram and YouTube. Professional, Monotone and Grey writings for Quora and Linkedin. This helps in segmenting your audience and yourself too. Remember, tailor the pitch to your audience.

6. Analyze and Realize:

Monitor your content’s performance to understand what works and what does not work. This helps to develop a system of constant revision and looking back to find flaws and setbacks that can damage your content. You can accordingly find a strategy that optimises a balance between your mistakes and gains which always keep you alert and vigilant.

7. Promoting Yourself:

Promotion is Marketing. And Marketing is vital. How else would people know who you are? Use your social media platforms and channels to promote your content and to establish your personal brand. Also use it to interact with your audience as they are the factors that make or break you. Keeping constant promotion of your activities help you in indirectly networking to your peers and other interested individuals.

8. Consistency is always the key:

The above phrase applies to all walks of life. Digital content creation included. If you are consistent with your content creation systems, your audience engagement and your mistakes monitoring system, then you are on the right track to success. Consistency always beats the hypes as consistency is here to stay while hype is here to go.

9. The Audience is the best judge:

Without an audience, there will be no performance. Who are you creating for? Not for yourself,surely. You would have not posted on a public platform. Understanding your audience is half the battle won. They are there for you. Polarising or judging them won’t help you. Listen to them as they are truly the only ones that will help you. Your brand is what people think about you when you are not in the room.

10. Learn from your feedback:

Feedback is the base of learning. You will constantly be receiving feedback from your audience or your content itself. Analyse it. Study it. You can learn a lot about yourself and the digital world surrounding your content. Use the feedback to enhance and improve your content and grow your personal brand.

Digital content creators are the new generation of lightkeepers, paving the way into the mind of using the internet to share and engage one’s creative undertakings. Their powerful creativity is required to survive in a world where fantasy becomes more real than reality itself.