5 things to avoid failure in social media marketing

5 things to avoid failure in social media marketing

Marketing or attempting to sell a product, or delivering the idea of your business via social networking or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram is known as social media marketing.  It is basically a type of marketing through social media to build a brand. Social media being the most consumed form of media today is the primary means of letting people and the audience know about your business. Businesses of all sizes are open to using social media marketing to reach out to customers where they are spending more time — on social networking sites. 

In order to develop a discussion about a brand, social media marketing centers around generating original, free content on the platforms. Through both free and paid ways, virtual entertainment disperses those messages to the proper people with perfect timing. Brands can also use social media to discover more about their audience’s personal, regional, and demographic data. This allows businesses to personalize their marketing and content for maximum engagement. The goal is to develop content that is intriguing enough for followers to share with their friends and relatives. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of people that are interested in a company.

Why is SMM important?

It is important to understand the utmost importance of using social media for your business. 

Brand recognition

Companies convey their story, explain why they provide the services they do, and keep audiences updated with customer and staff stories through a variety of media. Social media provides greater brand awareness building. It is a stress-free and profitable way of improving your brand recognition. Having an effective social media page will naturally increase your brand’s visibility. 

Relationship building

The more you communicate and connect with your audience, the more likely it is that they will also show interest. Furthermore, communicating and engaging with customers is one of the most effective ways to express your brand message. This gives you the opportunity to gather honest feedback from your target audience and potential and loyal customers. It provides a window into strengthening your company’s weaker areas while boosting aspects that already resonate with customers.

Cost efficient

Social media marketing is widely considered as one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing. Advertising through any other form of media does not always give the output in proportion to the costs. Almost all social networking platforms offer free registration and account creation along with free means of connecting with people. Even after paying for additional services, the results are significantly effective. 

Brand authenticity

Brands develop trust with potential customers, partners, and talent/employees by engaging on social media. Social media introduces your products and businesses to the audience. In addition to that, it also helps in running promotional campaigns. Some of the major promotional campaigns, even of major companies, are currently done through social media platforms. 

Improved SEO ranking

The presence of social media pages and websites is becoming increasingly important in determining rankings. Businesses who share their content on social media give out a brand signal to search engines that speaks to the legitimacy, integrity, and consistency of their brand. Improved rankings on search engines directly lead to improved online visibility and online traffic which further increases brand reputation. 

Things to avoid failure in SMM

There is no doubting the fact that social media marketing offers numerous benefits to both new and established businesses. Increased traffic, better SEO, enhanced brand loyalty, healthier consumer happiness, and much more are all crucial factors for your business. Regularly updating the correct social media marketing approach is an extremely beneficial mechanism for all businesses. Therefore, it is also important to understand the points which will lead to failure in social media marketing. 

Not having a social media strategy

Advertising through social media without a strategy or a plan will be highly ineffective. Posting on social media without a specific flow or pattern will not provide any returns as such. A social media marketing plan is a summary of your marketing objectives and the steps you intend to take to accomplish those objectives. Social media plans serve as a roadmap to keep your company on track, and as you construct a more specific strategy, you’ll notice better outcomes.

A plan will provide you greater outcomes- a strong, organic online presence. Consistency is of great value in social media marketing. One of the main reasons why websites and social media accounts fail is because of inconsistent posting. A social media plan will help in scheduled posts and planning out their content in advance. Planning out posts also helps in creative blocks as you do not have to fumble for content on the day of posting. Hassle free posting also helps in saving a lot of time. A social media plan ensures that your efforts yield maximum results. Your strategy also outlines your business goals so that your posts can reinforce them with their content.

Targeted Audience

Targeted audience is also a main aspect of social media strategies. Constantly working towards audience engagement and aiming to communicate with them will require a planned format. This will ensure a better relationship with them. it is easy to lose track of your brand voice if you’re operating across many channels with multiple people publishing. Because it is so important to keep your brand image consistent from one area to the next, a social media marketing strategy helps. A strategy makes you move forward in accordance with your competitors. Gaining and increasing traffic will do wonders for your online presence. It is more or less the crux of online marketing as it further leads to profits. Working according to your plan will help you analyse what is working and what is not. 


When a visitor comes to your website, a chatbot is a software that is designed to engage with them as if they were a human. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in social communication services. Organizations are working 24/7 to help their customers and try to solve their problems. However, it is not always possible to cater to them at all times. This is where chatbots come in. They help both the business owners and customers with their automated messages and are present at all times for providing information. It also reduces the rates of human errors and operational costs.

However, businesses depending entirely on bots is highly counterproductive as well. They are an incredible method of communicating with customers but do not prove to be productive in longer conversations. They are not necessarily effective for talking with humans i.e., customers. The spelling errors, slangs, and shortcut words are not decipherable for bots. So it gets difficult to carry on a conversation. As a result, customers are dissatisfied and are not able to deliver their issues or problems. When a user asks a question that the chatbot doesn’t have an answer for, in its database, the chatbot is unable to respond to the customer’s message. These questions are likely to perplex chatbots, causing them to loop.

About Chatbot

Because a chatbot is a programmed software with a predetermined response, if a customer does not offer the correct instruction, the chatbot will not respond correctly, causing them to be dissatisfied with the company’s services. No company would want angry, frustrated and dissatisfied customers. Other than this, installing and having functioning chatbots is an expensive procedure. Low cost bots are highly likely to cause user frustration. Therefore it is important for companies and businesses to use chatbots just as per convenience and appropriation. 

Not interacting with followers

Social media engagement is the most important part of the consumer-marketer relationship. One of the most effective ways to reach and engage consumers and prospects, raise brand recognition, generate new leads, and close new customers is through social media. The whole point of “social media” comes down to being “social”. It directly implies that connecting with customers is fundamentally important.

Organic social media posts are a wonderful method to increase connection with current consumers, while paid social media advertising is a cost-effective approach to reach out to new customers. In today’s time, customers shop majorly by getting to know about the brand through social media. So effective engagement will result in direct increase of sales. When customers are able to contact and communicate with the businesses directly without a middle party, it makes them trust the business even more. It is essentially done by responding through tags, comments and texts made by customers on the businesses’ page. They buy a product after learning about it on social media.

Further, if they are satisfied with their consumer experience, they will recommend the brand to their friends, families and acquaintances. It creates a boost both in sales as well as brand image. An active participation of the business on its social media with the customers also creates a sense of community and a customer base online. This is essentially good for businesses in the long term. 

Choosing the best

It is important for companies to realise which of the platforms on the internet is serving their interests more and having an impact. For instance, some businesses have greater influence on Facebook, some on Pinterest, some on Instagram and so on.

Also, some businesses do not realise that it is important to analyse which platform their audience is more active on. It is also essential to leverage social media platforms in accordance with the businesses’ concept and target audience. For instance, a business has a more suitable audience on Linkedin, so paying more attention towards its Tiktok page will not yield results. Appropriate social media content, in accordance with the business, is also very important to learn. Tiktok engagement is highly likely to increase through video content whereas Instagram shows increased engagement with carousel posts.

Nobody has effectively cracked the code of social media algorithms. However, it is possible to familiarise yourself with it. Not paying attention to the analytics of the best performing posts is a common mistake that accounts make. It helps in creating and posting content in a way that the algorithm supports and further aids the business. There is a wealth of benefits by effectively engaging with customers and its failure can directly lead to a failure of the businesses’ online presence. 

Staying inactive

Creating accounts for your business on social media platforms is one of the easiest steps for your business. Being active on social media increases brand exposure, makes it simple to communicate with customers, helps SEO rankings, and gives you control over your own story.

However, being inactive will simply damage your online presence. Poorly managed or oft neglected social media accounts leave a bad impression of the business. It is very well known that customers use social media to get to know about brands and their products. If they look up their page and there is not enough posts or information or has posts dating back two years, they will not think of the brand highly.

An active, up-to-date account will show higher credibility to the customer and make him trust the brand. Inactivity on the internet will naturally raise conflicting ideas about the brand in the customer’s head. They are very likely to stop considering the brand as authentic and stop purchasing from them because of the negative image formed. You’ll most likely get unfollowed if your followers stop noticing your posts and scroll through their following list at random. This is because you’re no longer meeting the need they followed you for. It is extremely crucial for your accounts to remain interesting.

Customer’s Perspective

Customers also majorly raise their concerns through social media. If someone has a problem with a product or service and they post on the brand’s account and there is nobody to help them with it, it is direct customer dissatisfaction. They will also talk about this poor experience with others and it will ultimately cause the brand to  lose more and more customers and stop from getting new customers as well.

Furthermore, if  accounts do not post frequently, no one will share or interact with the posts, resulting in no new people seeing them. If others locate the accounts, they’ll notice that you don’t post, and they won’t think the brand is worth following. It will even make the customers think whether you are operational or not. Because social platforms may help financial companies engage with their customers, create trust, and demonstrate distinctive services and skills, dormant social accounts are an opportunity that must be addressed.

Same type of content

Another common blunder among businesses using social media is duplicating and repurposing information across all channels. Each social media network caters to a distinct demographic and operates in a different way. For instance, posting the same videos you are posting on Tiktok will not cater to the audience on Linkedin. Using a lot of emojis and memes on Linkedin will not send an appropriate message as well. It’s best to avoid sharing the same content again and over because it will bore the audience. It goes without saying that each social media platform is unique and should be treated uniquely. For one thing, they appeal to distinct groups, and they each lend themselves to different types of content. LinkedIn is more professional and copy-heavy, whereas Instagram is more visual and casual, and Twitter is better suited to bite-sized information and GIFs.

Unique material is crucial these days, and it gets you respect. Hashtags are also super beneficial for all social media accounts. They increase the account’s visibility and shareability to a greater and larger audience.  Original posts on social media are much more appreciated than viral trends. In fact, surrendering to temporary viral trends will further damage brand reputation if it does not have any originality. Using social media and its current trends is beneficial if done correctly and utilised efficiently. Posting viral content and memes and reposting them would do little to no good as there are high chances the audience has already seen it. This will do nothing but further bore them. A businesses’ social media account and profiles are basically an extension of its brand. So it is also important for the brand’s persona to reflect in the business’s accounts. 


The internet connects the world, and social media networks are present in our lives for the most part. Social media is one of the most significant components of digital marketing, with the ability to reach millions of customers all over the world in a very short period of time. They help you in associating with clients, raising brand mindfulness, and expanding leads and deals. Without a social media presence, it is nearly difficult for any business to succeed online and then further offline. It’s a low-cost way to reach out to customers and raise brand awareness and increase sales. As essential as social media is for business, it is not difficult to manage. At times it appears like it but there are alway techniques to bounce back and move forward. Digital marketing agencies and proper social media and search engine optimization knowledge do a world of benefits for a business. For more information related to the above topic feel free to ask your questions from Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd.