7 Effective B2B lead Generation Strategies

What is B2B lead Generation?

It is the process of identifying the target customers for your products or services and selling the given products or services , one of most important functions for B2B marketing and sales teams . This includes a lot of inbound marketing strategies building awareness and prospects for target customers . Some examples of lead generation are blogs , social media posts and Search Engine Optimisation . The main goal of lead generation is to generate more and more accurate leads to increase sales and revenue of a company .

How does B2B Generation Work?

After knowing what b2b lead generation is , you might be thinking how it works ? Advertising , several referrals , cold outreach are just a few ways in the b2b lead generation process . The top priority of a b2b marketer is to generate leads for the marketing team .

Importance and benefits of B2B lead Generation

Having an efficient b2b lead generation strategy is vital nowadays and traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective . Following are some importances of b2b lead generation : 

  1. Creates awareness for your brands with required strategies and tactics because people tend to buy products with a good market reputation .
  2. It provides benefits to both buyers and sellers making it a win-win situation for both the parties . 
  3. Search engine optimization helps to find the proper leads that are the target customers based on their needs , wants and interests resulting in having high quality leads .
  4. Since it provides the audience with the information they need , they start seeing your business as a go-to source for information and that in turn leads to an increase in sales opportunities .
  5. It helps you to learn more about your target customers and with the adequate intel you can rectify your drawbacks and improve the marketing strategies if needed .

B2B Lead generation strategies in 2023

  • Content marketing 
  • Linkedin
  • Google ads
  • Facebook lead advertisement campaigns
  • Live chat
  • Facebook thruplay
  • Gated videos 
  • Personalized videos 
  • Referral partnerships
  • Personalized email marketing 

B2B Lead Generation tools

 A good lead generation tool is chosen depending on its usability , integration , pricing , features and benefits . Lead generation tools can be found in many forms and may serve different purposes . Some of the few tools use are:-

  1. LEADPAGES – Leadpages makes it easier to capture leads .
  2. HELLO BAR – It is a very efficient widget and helps to grab the attention of targeted leads . 
  3. OPTINMONSTER – Helps to build various opt-in forms very quickly .
  4. INTERCOM – Here , you are able to chat with the leads to visit your website . 
  5. MOBILE MONKEY – Having an omni chat technology it is easier to send sms promotions , surveys and various marketing information to targeted audiences . 
  6. QUORA – Two of its most prominent uses are to create or establish visibility and gain traffic presenting a great opportunity .
  7. ACTIVE CAMPAIGN – It is a CRM platform that means customer relationship management can be automated . 
  8. SLIDESHARE – Creates visual content based on well-researched information that works as a key factor that builds visibility in the B2B community . 
  9. LINKEDIN SALES NAVIGATOR – Targets very specific clients or companies , engage with prospects and track necessary leads .. 
  10. LINKEDIN HELPER – It combines with LINKEDIN SALE NAVIGATOR helping it to get thousands of targeted clients . 


In case of any company , be it a B2B company or even if you sell your products / services to B2C markets it can be concluded that lead generation should be considered as top priority and of huge importance to almost any type of business . This is because if there are no leads then it won’t be possible for any company to convert all the various prospects into customers .


  1. What is B2C marketing ?

Answer : B2C refers to business to consumer , B2C marketing refers to the strategies made by a company in order to promote its products and services directly to individual people . 

      2 . What are two types of leads ?

Answer : Outbound lead generation and inbound lead generation 

      3 . What is the most popular type of lead ?

Answer : Social media 

       4 . What is a good cost per lead B2B ?

Answer : 40 dollars to 190 dollars per lead . 

       5 . Is lead generation still profitable ?

Answer : Yes , it can be profitable if you establish the right margin between the price you are selling the leads and the cost of acquiring it .