Analysis of Visual Keyword Tools for Search Engine Marketing

Analysis of Visual Keyword Tools for Search Engine Marketing

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Analysis of Visual Keyword Tools for Search Engine Marketing

1. Semrush keyword magic tool

Semrush Keyword magic tool offers a worldwide database of more than 20 billion keywords. It offers a variety of features like filtering where you can group keywords by your preferred topic, search intent, SERP features, question type, and more. It also has features like keyword difficulty and competitors’ metrics. Semrush Keyword magic tool has also come up with an update through which you can keep your strategy on track.  You can do anything on this platform from content ideation to content optimization. It provides you with a plethora of keyword options and semantic filters. The tool is pretty user-friendly.  Working of Semrush: This tool is like most of the other tools that start with the seed keyword. A seed keyword is nothing but a short phrase or a word that represents the main idea of your topic. For example, your topic is Top 10 places to visit in India, and you want to write about places to visit. All you need to do is enter “Places to visit” and select your database according to your preference and you will get multiple suggestions. You can also narrow down your research by using different filters like language, search volume, keyword density, search intent, and many more. Is it paid or free : You can use the free version to a limited extent per day after that you need to get the paid version of it. 

2. Semrush keyword gap tool 

The keyword gap tool is used as an SEO competitor analysis tool that offers you side by side comparison of keywords. It tells you about how many keywords you and your competitors have in common. This tool also helps you identify the keywords which you are missing out on to increase your rankings. This tool as the name suggests helps in filling the gap in your strategy. And through this tool, you can increase your competitive advantage. This tool contains paid, organic as well as product listing keywords (PLK). Working with semrush keyword gap tool First, you need to put your domain in it. then you’ll need to select the type of keyword that is organic, paid, or PLA, then click on compare. After that, you will get an automated compiled report from which you can compare your domain with your rivals. After that, you can analyze the competitor’s report and work on your own accordingly. You will also get suggestions for improving your keywords like the missing, untapped, strong, and unique keywords and a lot more. Is it paid or free: You can use the free version to a limited extent per day after that you need to get the paid version of it.  As the name suggests that it’s a place through which you can advertise online. It contains a tool named keyword planner through which users can search for the keywords and they can also bid on these keywords. The keyword planner focuses more on pay-per-click (PPC) data than organic search data. It’s mostly relevant for those interested in paid advertising. The data in google ads comes from google’s own historical search data. Working with keyword planner: To access google keyword planner you must have a google ad account. Your keyword planner can be used for finding new keywords and historical data about keywords you are already aware of. Working with google ads is quite easy. Free or paid: The keyword planner is free of cost, you just need to have an account of google ads and that is available in paid form.

4. Google trends

Google Trends is a free of cost information exploration tool that can be used to investigate and examine real-time and historical research patterns. You can get to know about the trending searches across the world which are based on search queries and sampled data. It’s a tool that can help you know the current trends and it can provide you with content ideation, planning, seasonal ad campaigns, and a lot more. Google Trends utilizes essentially unfiltered tests of real Google search information. This information is anonymized, sorted, and assembled by theme, area, and time period from which you can precisely examine the data. Working on google trends You can utilize Google Trends to look for specific information you need or to investigate more and get groundbreaking ideas.  Is it paid or free of cost? Google trends are totally free of cost, making it one of the best tools.

5.Question DB

It’s a tool that indirectly helps you in finding the suitable keyword for your campaign . As the name suggests it tells you about the questions which people ask on various websites and forums. This tool is quite helpful for content ideation. It has a very large database of questions, which can let you know what your audience really wants. There are different sources from which it collects questions like Reddit. Working with QuestionDB It basically focuses on the questions through which you can get a context for your target audience and the keyword that you should be using. You need to decide on the list of seed keywords for your campaign, then type one of them in QuestionDB, and repeat this process until you find the best content idea for your blog. Is it free or paid: It’s available in both paid and free versions but the free version is limited to only the first 50 results of user’s searches.

6. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a tool that helps you find long keywords relating to your topic. It’s a catchphrase research tool that adds to google autocomplete ideas. It’s a tool that can be used by you for content ideation. You can use this tool to make more audience-capturing content. This tool makes use of the autocomplete data taken from Google and Bing from about 190+ countries. Is it paid or free? AnswerThePublic is totally free of cost, making it one of the best tools.

7. TubeBuddy

It’s a browser extension that lets youtube creators publish, promote, optimize and grow their channels. There is a feature of A/B testing for their videos as well. They have features like keyword explorer which is helpful for YouTubers in finding long-tail keywords and trending tags. They take data from youtube and google trends. Working with TubeBuddy You can find the TubeBuddy keyword explorer in the browser extension or the app once you have connected it with your YouTube channel. Then you can work with it. It’s a pretty user-friendly tool to work with. Is it free or paid It comes in both free of cost and paid versions. In the paid version you get a number of additional features as well.

8. Keyword Tool

Keyword tool works through the usage of autocomplete data from different sources like Google, youtube, amazon, Instagram, eBay, Play store, and many more. It helps you find the right hashtag, keywords, products, and more. This tool is most suitable for SEO, organic search, and content marketing as it focuses on long-tail keywords that are not visible in Google’s Keyword planner. Working with Keyword Tool To start with, select the web crawler and country you need to see information from. Then, at that point, enter your seed keyword. The Keyword Tool will create a rundown of autocomplete ideas, questions, and relational words from your chosen web crawler. keyword Tool homepage Select each one of the keywords you need to target and snap “export” to download it as a CSV or Excel record. It is free or paid You can use the free version to a limited extent per day after that you need to get the paid version of it. 

9. AlsoAsked

AlsoAsked is a tool that totals Google’s People Also Ask information so you can break it down to illuminate your strategy. Any digital marketer is aware that the People Also Ask (PAA) box is a mother lode for related topics and questions encompassing your keyword choice. You can undoubtedly create new satisfied thoughts that target PAA questions. AlsoAsked gathers and coordinates information from Google’s People Also Ask results, which is incorporated in searches users likewise make while looking for their underlying inquiry. Subsequently, AlsoAsked will just return results for questions that returned a PAA box. Working with AlsoAsked It basically shows you the PAA question which is generated by the seed keyword and displays it to you in the form of a graphic representation. This helps you in deciding what you should cover in your content to optimize it and what keywords will be most suitable. Is it free or paid Right now AlsoAsked is free for all users as it is still in the beta phase.

10. Soovle

In Soovle You can quickly look at related search ideas across a wide range of search stages and track down new lengthy tail keywords to target. It’s an adaptable search engine aggregator that gathers search ideas across up to 15 unique engines, including Google Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, and Youtube, from there, the sky’s the limit. Therefore you can instantly look at related search ideas across a wide range of search suggestions and track down new lengthy tail keywords to target. Soovle returns search ideas from whichever engine you decide to incorporate. Working of Soovle Soovle shows the top proposed to look through connected with your seed keyword across each search platform. Utilize the search bar to enter your seed keyword, and the suggestions will consequently pop up. You can utilize your left and right arrow keys to flip through each web crawler and snap on any of the given suggestions to see its live search result page. As per Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd. you can also save the suggestion for later use. Is it paid or free: Soovle is a free-of-cost software, you do not need to pay a single penny out of your pocket.

11. Sellzone keyword wizard tool

An Amazon SEO tool that has a database of about 200 million+ keywords. It helps Amazon sellers to make the best out of their product listings and helps them to rank better in the amazon on-site search rankings. It is quite a helpful app in increasing the seller’s visibility of their product. Working with Sellzone keyword wizard tool First of all, you need to enter the seed keyword which will represent the type of product you will be selling. After that you will get a list from which you can find all the relevant keywords. It’s a pretty user-friendly app. Is it free or paid The tool can be used in both free and paid versions. The paid versions include a variety of features.

12. semrush position tracking tool

The position tracking tool helps in scanning the domain’s position of your competitor and it tells you about your domain’s position in comparison to your competitor based on certain keywords. It also tracks your position relative to a particular location or device type. It’s quite important to know where your competitors stand and where you stand about your competitor. The tool uses unbiased Google results, which means there is no influence from previous searches, browsing history, or language preference. Working with semrush position tracking tool You can get a report of your driver’s progress, you can get to see the rankings distribution of your keywords, overall visibility, traffic, and much more. Is it paid or free of cost? The tool can be used in both free and paid versions. The paid versions include a variety of features.


Ubersuggest permits you to get an understanding of the systems that are working for others in your market so you can embrace them, further develop them, and gain an edge. Hence you can enter your domain or keyword to get a plethora of suggestions that are related to the keyword you entered. It’s a pretty user-friendly tool. It’s a free-of-cost tool.

14. Spufu

It’s a tool through which you can work on your ad campaigns while keeping track of your competitor. So you can find out what type of keywords your competitor is using, and his ad spending history. You work on your weak keywords, you can also find what’s the best keyword right now to bid on. There are many other features that you can use while working with spufu.. Paid or free: Spufu comes in paid form

There are several other tools which you can work with like

– PPC Protect: It’s a tool that is different from the tools that you use as keyword tools. This tool does not help in finding the right keyword but it works in optimizing your PPC budget.

– AdWords Wrapper: when you are uploading multiple keywords in the ad campaign, this tool makes it easier for you to upload all the keywords at once. Duplicates are removed automatically.


Bringing it to an end we hope that you must’ve gained a lot from this blog and this has proved to be quite helpful for you. However we have tried to analyze every single top tool which you can work with for optimizing your keywords, ads, and campaigns through SEM.