Content Creation Service Myths

Content Creation Service Myths

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Content creation. What is it? And more importantly, why should we learn or know about it? To put it simply, content creation is something that can help people discover your brand, business, and products. You might have observed that social media use is on the rise. Likewise, the Internet also happens to be the perfect place to advertise your business. In content creation, you create content that will attract and engage the audience. By doing so, you are attracting prospective clients and customers. You will be getting new visitors to your site, which will automatically start generating revenue for your business. 

Now, for the perfect content creation, you need to know what appeals to the clients. Is it written content that is effective? Is it the video content that is attracting more viewers? You can make the information available to your audience with blogs, videos, infographics, or other content formats. 

But not everyone is a content writer, and not everyone is talented enough to shoot and edit videos perfectly. What do we do in this case? The answer is pretty simple. For this purpose, you hire a content creation service (a content writer). But being a content writer isn’t enough. They cannot find out the SEO keywords and the popular titles people want to read. Neither can they manage your social media accounts or upload blogs to your website. As a result, we contacted a digital marketing firm. 

What does a digital marketing firm do?

Well, they provide the exact things you need to take your business to the next level. They do this by leveraging digital marketing. They have everything, from the best graphic designers to web developers, talented content writers, SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), and much more. With the help of such a powerful team backing your digital dreams, you are bound to achieve them. If you are ready to start the journey toward achieving your digital dreams, Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd. is here to help you. We genuinely believe in you and your dreams. We want to see you achieve them. With our help, you can reach beyond your dreams, reach thousands of people effectively, and promote your business in a brilliant way. If you are confused and need further guidance or assistance, you can reach out to Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd. for further inquiries. We will be glad to assist you. 

Ideas for Content Creation

Once you have hired a digital marketing agency, you can start generating content. But what kind of content do we create? Of course, the content creation service will be offered by the agency. But we will give you a brief summary of some of the ideas for content creation.


One type of content creation is a blog. The best example of a blog is the one you are reading right now. Blogs are generally interesting and educate and inspire the audience through words. Whenever someone searches a query on a search engine, the posts that come up are usually blog posts. Blogs require a lot of time and can be pretty challenging to write. A typical blog is usually 800 words and up. The question that arises is: Is blogging worth the time and effort? The answer is yes. Around 56% of marketers say blogging is the most effective content strategy. 


Podcasts are certainly similar to listening to the radio. But this broadcast of a podcast can be done by anyone. Furthermore, the professional and beginner-level podcasts will both be competing for the same listening time. Podcasts cater to and have a big audience. For instance, 28% of Americans aged 12 or older listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. 


Whether you are making a video for social media or YouTube, video marketing is gaining popularity every year. Both the short form and long form of videos have a place in the content creation strategy. Around 86% of video marketers say that video is effective for the generation of leads. This is why it is an important strategy to make original video marketing content for everyone working on content creation. 

If you are confused as to what content suits your business or need help with content creation in general, then Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd. is the one for you. We understand all your digital marketing needs and will provide optimal solutions for them.

Content Creation Service Myths

Content creation service myths debunked

You’ve probably heard or seen some of these myths if you’re a marketer, SEO, employer, prospect, or even a content creator. Some of these myths are so convincing that they might lead you to believe them. Let’s debunk some of them.

Content strategy means content marketing 

You will be surprised at how many people believe that content marketing and content strategy are the same. The terms are even used interchangeably. Content strategy is all about developing a plan. This plan consists of how you will produce and distribute content across your website and other channels. While the two fields might share some common ground, there are a few distinctions between them. Yes, content marketing is pretty important. However, it is only a part of successful content marketing. 

Content strategy is about topics and keywords.

This is definitely a big misconception. Content strategy is not just a list of topics and keywords without the need for a service provider. Finding a list of topics and keywords is just one part of creating great content. A good content strategy depends on the goals and the target platform. This will include: 

  • SMART goals ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) 
  • Separate marketing goals to achieve business goals 
  • How is the marketing strategy looking overall
  • Who is your target audience
  • The number and types of content you would need to create for the respective marketing channel.
  • Briefs for the designers and content creators. 
  • The content performance KPIs

You need Content Strategy only for blogs 

Another myth we will be debunking today This myth is mostly true for the SEOs out there. You probably create a content calendar to support SEO. This might work well for your employer and clients, which might lead you to believe that it works. But eventually, you will start using lead magnets to drive Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads. You will have to plan for the different types of content and the amount of content you will need to plan, create, promote, and track. Your content strategy should include every type of content. From blogs to videos and infographics, you should incorporate all types of content.

The more content you will create, the better

This is a myth that stems from the early SEO and social media algorithms that rewarded the volume of content. But nowadays, quality takes precedence over quantity. When compared to frequent useless, low-quality content, high-quality, entertaining, or useful content is more likely to attract a loyal audience base.  

Editing software can easily fix all writing mistakes

You might have come across a lot of writing tools, software, and writing assistants. Some popular ones include Grammarly, Quillbot, and Hemingway. Are they useful? Absolutely yes. Moreover, they thoroughly check your content for any grammatical or spelling errors. Nonetheless, these aren’t yet at a point where they can successfully replace human editors. You can’t randomly select someone to write content for you while also expecting the content to be impeccable. What this means is that for perfect and concise content, you do need skilled writers. For this, you can use content creation service

Of course, we at Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd. have our fair share of creative and talented content writers. We provide one of the best content creation services. Reach out to us and let us start your digital journey.