How Do I Become A Graphic Designer?

How Do I Become A Graphic Designer

How Do I Become A Graphic Designer?

Who is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designer is an artist who uses the art called graphic design to convey or depict a story to his/her audience . They use shapes , colors , text etc as their design elements and make use of them to produce their work . Every single industry today requires graphic designers to put in their creativity for growth of the brand . Their art pieces range from a poster to a logo to an animation film . Graphic designers put in their imagination to produce an art piece to communicate a brand’s message .

How To Become a Graphic Designer?

Well , in earlier days becoming a graphic designer was a hefty and tough job because the pathway was limited to certain institutions . But today anyone with the right approach and hard work can live their dream of becoming a graphic designer . It’s just a matter of time and effort .

Given below are some steps of becoming a graphic designer :

Step 1: Get The Basics Right

Understanding the basics of graphic design is the first step toward becoming a good graphic designer. A good graphic design is carefully crafted to perfection which requires a good basic understanding of different aspects used in the art. Graphic designers use elements such as shapes, texts, images, and visuals to enhance their art and impact the appreciators

Step 2: Take Up a Course

Today we live in a world full of opportunities. Every nook and corner provides a platform to learn and explore. Taking up a graphic designing course will open a world of possibilities and learnings for the designers. Not only does it introduces designers to teachers but also a network of like-minded people going in for the same profession. There are several varieties to choose from when it comes to courses like there are online courses and there are offline courses taught in universities.

Graphic design tools are the best friends of a graphic designer. They create, edit and publish through these tools. Graphic designing software is closest to a designer’s heart. Giants like Adobe have gifted graphic designers with the best tools to work upon to create timeless art for the world. 

How Do I Become A Graphic Designer

Step 4: Practice Designing Skills

New graphic designers need to practice their design skills to perfection. It is not a one-day task but an iteration of trial and error. The more a designer practices his / her skills, the better he/she becomes. Graphic designers can work as interns or freelance designers to brush their skills which helps them in keeping their tools sharp. Working as freelancers or interns contributes to two-way value addition.

A strong portfolio helps in showcasing the talent of a designer in the best way possible. A good portfolio is highly appreciated by a brand and often helps in landing a job. Portfolios are the element that set designers apart from each other and distinguish good from average ones. Focusing on quality over quantity is the key as it helps to bring out the best work.

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