How Reels and IGTV are Changing The Marketing Game

How Reels And IGTV Is Changing The Way We Market Things

How Reels and IGTV are Changing The Marketing Game

Gives Your Audiences A Look At Your Brand

Instagram reels and IGTV are a short and interesting way of engaging your audiences. It is a great opportunity for you where you can connect with your target customers on a personal level. So one of the best ways to do marketing with Instagram reels and IGTV is to provide your audiences with a look at the large picture. This helps your customers to form a connection with you and your brand. You can show your organization’s work culture, and highlight the efforts of your workers. You can also display how your product fits the regular needs of your customers. This will make your customers identify with your brand and build a more human connection with it. It will also help in making your brand original as well as creating interesting content about your products.

The biggest selling point for any brand is sharing user-generated content. It facilitates originality. So behind scenes videos can boost your brand originality. And leveraging having user-generated content also serves as a helping hand. It will help in increasing your outlook and engagement rates. Interesting content will be shared further by your customers which will automatically hike your brand’s reach. You can also collaborate with influencers to create videos where they use your products and services and promote your brand.  You can also invite influencers to post short clips of your products and services and then reward the one having the best content.

Showcase Products with Real-Life Experiences

When you showcase your brand and products with real-life experience, it helps your customers to emerge a connection with your product. Highlight the features and benefits of your product by illustrating it in real-life events. Also, try to bring out its USP( Unique Selling Point). For example, if you are having a clothing brand, share a short clip of a model or influencer wearing those clothes and commercializing it. All this was not possible at that time when Instagram was not there.

Spice Your Reel with an Element of Fun

Create content that has an element of entertainment in it. Entertainment always attracts people and customers. So try engaging with them in an entertainment or fun and personal way. This is the platform for establishing connections and formal conversation. You have the opportunity to act naturally and know what your customers feel about your brand. You can also try to create your new trend and ask your followers to join in. 

The presence of TikTok in the USA remains doubtful. The TikTok users are desperately looking for an alternative after the ban in India. And it has been proven that an alternative has come in the form of Instagram Reels or IGTV. A bigger audience base (Instagram) will give you a greater opportunity to reach a huge amount of audience.

How Instagram Reels and IGTV Are Changing The Marketing Game

Access To Generation Z

When TikTok goes out of pictures, these Generation Z TikTok users will move to Instagram to enjoy the Reels feature of Instagram. This will lead to an expanding user base of Generation Z on Instagram. Any business that is targeting an audience related to the section of the generation will find Instagram Reels a very appropriate way to reach them.

Instagram reels and IGTV have led to many things going viral like the ‘old town road’ song. If your brand goes viral on social platforms and your brand has a chance of expanding your customer reach and making them aware of your brand. I am just trying to say that at least we can try. Even if we don’t go viral, any kind of basic popularity will spread about you among the users. Hence it will increase brand awareness among the audience.

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