How To Make A Unique Logo

How To Make A Unique Logo

How To Make A Unique Logo

What Is Logo ?


Logo is a representation of a company which makes them stand out among their peers . They showcase the outlook and ambitions of the brand . People in the recent past have realized what value a logo holds for a company hence there has been a huge surge of distinctive logos in the market . Each and every logo is special in some way or the other as it tells a powerful story . Logo along with company names make a long lasting impact on consumers therefore unique logo play an important role in product sales and promotion . A catchy , snappy and memorable logo often occupies a larger space in our heads than the product itself and to make this everlasting impression in people’s minds , a logo should carry its own individuality

How To Make A Unique Logo –


Below are some points to remember to make a logo unique :

1 : Set Your Creative Bug Free to Make A Unique Logo


Creativity plays one the most distinguishing character in the movie called Logo Design . The more creative the outlook you give to your logo the more it sticks to people’s memory . A wide and formless perspective will help your logo connect better with the consumers and communicate the idea of your company.

2 : Work On Logo’s Originality 


The logo of a company should be original in every way . A borrowed idea showcases unwillingness to produce . On top of that a copied or borrowed idea fails to bridge the bond between the company and the consumers.

3 : Don’t Over-Complicate Logo


A well designed logo should be uncluttered with a straightforward approach . It should not be complicated to understand and to keep . An uncomplicated logo represents the clarity of idea and proposal . Usage of a fancy font and a mixed color scheme usually complicates the logo design . Simple and elementary logos help form a strong brand identity among the consumers.

How To Make A Unique Logo

4 : Tell A Story While Making A Unique Logo


A logo should be able to tell a strong story about the company , its visions , its aspirations as well as its inspirations . Every company is unique in itself, so is their story . A story gives meaning to a logo and definitely blesses it with the power to stand out from the rest in every way . Your logo should make the consumers realize the emotion and attachment you have for the beloved brand . A connecting story urges the consumer to stay loyal towards a brand and to maintain a long healthy relationship with it .

5 : Be Soft On Color Pallet 


Right set of colors allow the brand logo to psychologically connect with the people at  . Every single color produces a different neural impact in people’s heads so it’s very crucial to choose the color scheme which goes well with the theme of the company while creating a memory which is on the positive end of the spectrum .

6 : Keep The Font Simple And Specific In The Logo


Font used in the logo should be simple and preferably not more than two fonts should be used in the logo . The font of the logo should clearly and effortlessly communicate the impression of the brand . The typeface used should be customized specifically for the target audience of the company . This allows the logo to directly join hands with the consumer’s sentiments . 

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