Is Voice Search Optimization beneficial

Is Voice Search Optimization beneficial


Technology is evolving at a pretty rapid pace. Newer and better ones are replacing the old ones every single day. The technologies are becoming more and more impactful and efficient too. In this ever evolving world, the marketing universe is also changing its shape and form with the introduction of up to date techniques and strategies. The switch is pretty inevitable and to keep up with the blistering fast pace is very crucial in today’s world. People need to consciously learn new concepts and grow their horizon of knowledge as much as possible. The more updated people are, the more their chances are to perform better in the real world. Dynamic outlook aids people in tackling a problem with a non-binary approach. It also helps in providing a non-preprogrammed perspective towards different things.

Nowadays, customers have turned extra intentional and purposeful in their approach towards a brand’s products and services. They make more calculated decisions before spending their hard earned money or time. Customers make use of every single source available to them to find out if a service or product best suits their needs or not. Hence, the time we are living in needs more and more advancement in marketing outlook to reach out to the customers in the most apt manner.

Unidirectional approach

A unidirectional approach in marketing is not enough in today’s world. It doesn’t fulfil the purpose of the cause. A multi directional marketing approach is the best match for today’s smart customers. It helps the customers to put their trust in a brand and as we all know trust acts as the major factor in building a strong customer-brand relationship. Marketing is all about adding value to customer’s life in one form or the other. Customer centric marketing works best for this cause where the entire focus is on customer satisfaction. 

As discussed above the marketing strategies are becoming more besuited and sharp-witted day by day. The digital marketing universe has been taken by storm by the ravishing techniques which are making their way to the middle of the ground. One such game changing technique is known as ‘Voice Search Optimization’. It is like a blessing to digital marketing which has been developed to match up with the pace of new technologies making their ground. It’s positive effects in the digital marketing world are far more magical than anyone ever could have imagined. 

Introduction to Voice search

Voice search has gained huge popularity over the past few years due to its handiness and ease of use. 20 years ago, if anyone would have pitched the idea of people talking or having a full blown conversation to their devices like watch, smartphones, computers etc, masses would have considered him/her to have lost their mind. But fast forward to the present day, we now see people having conversations with their devices and getting responses back from the devices too. It’s intuitive nature makes it useful for fast and immediate results. Voice search optimization makes use of this advancement to market its product or service. It’s the best example of adaptive marketing

Voice search optimization in simple words is the process of enhancing a page content to appear higher in voice search results when a user makes use of voice search. It’s somewhat similar to redesigning your content in the most efficient and effective way possible to match with the verbal search conducted by the users.

We can also shallowly compare voice search optimization to search engine optimization but the major difference which parts them away from each other is the searching stream. Voice search optimization, if applied successfully and in the perfect manner. It can give the opportunity for a website’s content to be ranked higher than others. Therefore standing a better chance to be seen by users. Voice search optimization can play a very vital role in the growth of a website or it’s content by greatly enhancing the content’s reach. Thus, voice search optimization can do wonders for a content.

Let us understand the voice search optimization in a better way with an example:

You want to know deeply about what SEO is all about, so you want to search “What is SEO?” on the web. Instead of typing it, you said “Ok Google” and verbally questioned it about SEO. As soon as you make a verbal search the voice search optimization comes into play. The browser starts to juggle through hundreds of articles available on different websites to present the most suitable and relevant content.

After juggling through it picks up the content. It has the most relatable content and which suits best to the query. It gives out some results after a while. Now if the content on any of these websites are strongly backed by voice search optimization. It has the highest probability of being ranked higher than any other content of any website. It has not made use of voice search optimization.  

Now with this example, it’s very clear how voice search optimization works in the real world and what role it plays in the content hierarchy.


  1. Focus on the keywords which are often used in day to day life. Most of the voice searches use normal keywords rather than the complex ones and that’s where most people get tricked. The aim of voice search at a conversation which is more informal and direct. So the approach towards voice search optimization should be centred around direct and informal response too. 
  2. Most of the queries brought up in voice search need immediate answers. Questions majorly consist of “how”, “when”, “why” and “what”. These questions are straightforward and users anticipate a straightforward word to word response too. Therefore during voice search optimization people need to focus on these straightforward questions rather than long detailed ones. 
  3. Understand the type of users and their general patterns. This would greatly help to plan and perform according to the users keeping their requirements in mind.
  4. Apply the basics of Search engine optimization such as keywords to create an impact. Use of this marketing technique can boost the website response in a crazy manner. 


Till now we have surfed through the inside out of voice search optimization. Presently it’s time for the million dollar question “Is voice search optimization beneficial?”. Well, the answer is absolutely yes. Voice search optimization is utterly beneficial by all means and it’s impactful beyond one’s belief. Voice search optimization is no brainer when it comes to a brand’s growth as it’s outcome potential is unparalleled. 

The popularity of voice search has been growing at a wild rate in recent years. All thanks to handiness and ease it provides over any other search medium. According to google data nearly 1 billion voice searches happen in one month. People are falling more and more in love with the concept of voice search as compared to the old school typing. It’s response is immediate, lag free and most often direct. According to google 71% of people prefer making voice searches over typing searches.


Voice search works phenomenally well when it comes to local searches or some geographical specific services. Such as dining services, tailoring services, grocery and many more. Voice search optimization plays a very critical role in promoting and boosting local services which are location specific. They can make a huge difference in the growth of a local business through making it more prominent in the searches. It increases the probability of people using and knowing about a local business or a local service. Hence making the business more profitable and scalable over time. Voice searches help in driving sales.

Future of Voice Search

Voice search will be all over the place in the near future. Thus voice search optimization has a mind numbing potential. It will continue to move forward in the positive direction from its present place. Voice search optimization will only increase the possibility of growth for a service or business in the future. No matter what business you are in, keeping up with the latest technology will only ensure that you are at the top of your game. 

The daily conversational tone used in voice search optimization helps a business in building a strong innate bond with the customers. It aids people to connect with the brands at different levels and feel somewhat related to it. Now if we shift our perspective from businesses to customers. We find out that voice search optimization is very beneficial for customers too. Business is all about proving value to the customers and making their life easier in the different possible ways. Voice search optimization benefits the users of voice search as well, making it a bidirectional benefactor. 


We very well saw the undoubtable pros of voice search optimization. It’s a blessing for the business as well as the customers taking it in use. It adds up to the worth of the brand in all aspects. Therefore, we can definitely say that voice search optimization is beneficial and a game changing strategy. For more information, you can contact Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd.