PPC In Digital Marketing-A Unique Earning Model

PPC In Digital Marketing-A Unique Earning Model 1.1

PPC In Digital Marketing-A Unique Earning Model


You are only a single tick away from bringing in cash. In the event that we had said this explanation a couple of years prior, we might have sounded insane. In any case, today it is really conceivable. This has turned into the truth. For this we want to comprehend the ppc in computerized promoting.

What Is PPC In Digital Marketing?

In this era of globalization, digital marketing has its own significant place. Now we cannot imagine a life that is not digital. In the context of digital marketing, many trends are there. One rising trend is ppc in digital marketing. Let’s understand this deeply.

Meaning Of PPC In Digital Marketing

PPC is the truncated type of Pay Per Click. It is a web model in which sponsors pay cash, prominently known as charge, each time their advertisement is clicked. At the end of the day, it’s a model by which you can procure visits to your webpage, as opposed to acquiring those visits normally, dissimilar to SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization you can direct people to your site without paying. Yet, the PPC is not the same as that.

History Of PPC In Digital Marketing

The amazing model of ppc was introduced in the year 1998 by Jeffery Brewer. He and his team  presented this model at the TED conference in California. It was termed as a proof concept in that conference. It was later on developed into a model.

Presently ppc in digital marketing is a notable model. It is utilized by many individuals to improve their business. The most famous type of PPC is internet searchers.

SEO vs PPC In Digital Marketing

Many people get confused in understanding these technical terms. Let’s clear this confusion.

SEO represents Search Engine Optimization through PPC represents Pay Per Click. The significant contrast between the two of them is that the internet based traffic that is produced from SEO is normal while the traffic created from PPC isn’t regular. In SEO marketing you don’t pay the publicist, while in the compensation per click model, you need to pay. One needs to pay for this traffic.


PPC in digital marketing is most suitable for small businesses. As per some reports 45% of the small business hubs invest in the PPC model. The prime reason behind this is that the nature of business is small. With investing in the PPC model, they can generate more revenue and their profits will increase. All those companies that have just started their business or in other words you can say start-ups, they can also derive benefit from the PPC model. This will increase their brand visibility at large, making the audience aware about your company as well as brand. This in turn will increase your customer base too. Therefore, investing in PPC in digital marketing is a good option.  

PPC In Digital Marketing-A Unique Earning Model 1.2

Benefits of PPC in digital marketing:

The PPC model is a cost effective model. The reason behind this is you only pay the publisher when your advertisement  is clicked. If it is not clicked, then you need not pay the publisher. Therefore it will help you to save your expenses and use that saved capital for some other purpose. Hence it is very cost effective and also helps in reducing the overhead expenses.

2. Potential Buyers

With the usage of the PPC in digital marketing, you can convert regular visitors into potential buyers. This helps to increase your market share. It is reported that around 65% of the people turn into potential buyers after clicking your ad. They do visit your website again. This model will be really beneficial for start-ups and small businesses. As they have less capital with them, it will help them to increase their revenue, moreover their customer base will increase too. 

3. Profitable

The return on investment in this model is pretty high. In contrast to other forms of marketing, the profitability rate is high in the PPC model. The only requirement to generate more profits is to look for the items that are popular among people. Thus it is quite profitable for small business hubs. It helps them to generate brand awareness, drive more profits and turn the visitors into potential buyers. 

Getting more visitors on your website is something every website owner desires for. In the case of PPC in digital marketing you can really add more traffic to your website. It is instant in nature, thus, you get more traffic instantly. Various digital marketing campaigns can be implemented to get more traffic on your website. 

Investing in the pay per click model is actually a very good idea. Though there are many techniques by which you can generate traffic on your website that too in an organic way, sometimes you need instant results. For this approach, invest in PPC in digital marketing. Hence for more information related to Digital marketing, feel free to contact Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd.