Email Marketing is one of the most trendy one! As we know, to stay in such a competitive environment we must make sure that we are on top or else no one’s gonna notice us! As  a person holding a business needs to keep the following 10 key Email Marketing metrics in mind that we are going to discuss today! Marketing creates awareness about your brand and increases your value as well. To stay on top get noticed quickly just work on proper advertising and marketing about your products. Let us discuss a form of marketing called Email marketing and its metrics in our new blog by Digital Ipsum. We are going to talk about Email Marketing Metrics and a few tips as well. Stay tuned till the end to get fruitful knowledge from here.

Before stepping to any conclusion you must be clear that why should you opt email marketing over other and for that we have included some of the advantages of email marketing:


  • Cost-efficient :-  Email marketing can cost you much lower than any other forms of the digital marketing
  • Shareable :- The most important thing in marketing is sharing. The more you share the more you create awareness among others and yeah emails are literally very easy to share you just need to forward it!
  • Marketing properly :- Email marketing helps you to build your reputation by word of mouth or viral marketing. This may help you to influence more new customers to become followers of your reputed brand easily!
  • Time saving :- Email marketing is time saving as you can easily understand the purpose of the sender by just reading the subject line!
  • Scalable :- email marketing helps you to reach a large number of audiences at one go and even you can target the smaller group! It’s totally customizable!! 

Defining and refining Terms related to Email marketing:

Understanding the terms deeply and simply makes the process go easy! Keep in mind that the way of explaining always matters. Defining it in simple words so that you can get a refined idea from our blog!

Marketing Metrics: The first question raised over here is what actually does the marketing metrics mean right! So, Marketing metrics are simply a measure or track of your performance! How much you succeeded in your particular campaign is what you can easily estimate through the marketing metrics! The effectiveness always attracts the attention! We are going to discuss a few of the marketing metrics deeply and clearly! For more details you can simply visit the website of Digital Ipsum!

Email Marketing: It is actually a way of digital marketing i.e., on e-gadgets. Email marketing is actually a way to advertise yourself to an individual or a group of people! Promoting your products or services through this channel has made marketing look more official. Now, since there are many other ways of marketing yet when you choose this one you must be aware of it properly.

Note it Down: Sending an email no doubt looks more official than sending a message on other social media platforms. The most important thing you should take into consideration is to state your goals! In simple words tell them why you are doing email marketing! This will help in building the trust of the receiver on you! I am not saying to state that first but letting your reader know you will increase chances of their investment.

“The fact is that more than 60% of people have made online purchases directly through email rather than from the shopping site or applications!”

Now, this will no doubt give you enough motivation to do email marketing right! Then what are you waiting for!!

The Requisites for email marketing:

Discussed below are the most essential email marketing metrics! Every metric has been explained in simple words and some are even attached with the graphs. Discussed below every metric is important and useful in their own field. All ten are like super 10 which tries to give you new information. So, let us take a look at that!!

Open Rate: The perfect way to analyze is to look at the open rates i.e., First of all, focus on how many people have opened your mail. This will make it quick and easier for you to find out who is interested in buying your products or taking up your services! A good email open rate is nearly 20 to 25%. Yes, it varies from industry to industry yet at an average number is 20 to 25%.You can simply get the approximate idea of how many people are considering buying it! If they have opened the mail that means they seem interested in your product or service.

The simple way to calculate the open rate is to divide Unique opens to the (Number of Emails sent – Bounces). Now, it’s not always that if they have opened the email then they will for sure invest in you. To have the surety you need is another metric to measure it! Now, If you are interested in  increasing the email open rate what you just need to do is simply follow the following steps:

  • Get creative with your email marketing
  • Keep an eye on your open rate for increased activity
  • Make sure your content is risk
How can Digital Ipsum help you in increasing your email open rate?

Digital Ipsum is here for you with an exclusive email marketing strategy which will help you cover your whole marketing. We are a team of professionals here to help you out to organize your campaigns, add personalized target lists , schedule launches etc. Our team is ready to work for you 24/7. All you need to do is call us for your quick betterment!

Click Through Rate: CTR or click through rate is an accurate way to get to know the precise number of people interested in your product. Now, this will provide you with the proper understanding on how many people are engrossed in your content. In email marketing conversion rate is actually the percentage of the readers who have successfully completed the action after reading your email. Also, it may give you a proper idea on the type of content consumers are interested in so it will help you to provide customer – friendly type of services or goods next time.

This one is an important metric for most marketers , as this shows how effective email marketing is. Yes, the main thing you should note is you can access this information from your email service provider easily! Go on, take up his help or you can even take a look at our website whose link is provided at the end of this blog to become even from all the odds!

Subscriber List Activity: What does this term refer to? The easy definition of subscriber list activity is that it is the number of users or the viewer who have subscribed to receive mails from you or your business! Also one more term coming from here is : 

List growth rate: It is actually the rate at which email lists are growing. The bigger the list the larger the number of people interested in you. This one is quite important so take care of your subscribers and their interest in you! The more subscribers means more profit and more success! To improve your success ratio just contact Digital Ipsum as soon as possible!

Bounce Rate: The definition of bounce rate is that it is the percentage of the people who leave your website without interacting with anything on your website. Now, it becomes essential for you to stop your visitor from bouncing back! To do that you need to maintain your website properly and make your website look more attractive. The trust is must and if your content doesn’t look trustworthy you are for sure going to get an increment in the bounce rate and that’s not always good so be careful! To have rich and relevant content you are just a call away from Digital Ipsum. The company that can create wonders for you!

Email Sharing: When the receiver clicks on the “Share” Button and shares with any person on any social media platform then it is termed email sharing. Now, this one is an important metric because it helps you to generate new contacts leading to more productivity! So keep on tracking the email-sharing! Also, never forget to encourage your readers to share your emails with their friends or colleagues if they found your content useful and informative. Just tell them sharing is caring and ask them to forward your content to as many as possible! This will have two benefits, one for them and one for you!

Unsubscribe Rate: Unsubscribe rate means how many people have opted to unsubscribe from your emails. The person who doesn’t want to receive your emails and unsubscribe to your emails brings your unsubscribe rate to a high level causing your success ratio to fall down. Now, keeping track of such rates becomes quite healthy for your business as you will know what interests the customers more. Also, never think of this as a negative point since it is okay compared with the spam complainants!

Email read rate: This is one of the most useful metrics that measure how many people have actually read your email. Now, time may differ but the email opened for more than 8 seconds is termed as “read” and not just opened. The email read rate is quite similar to the open rate but it is far more accurate than the read rate. This gives you a brief idea about how many of the readers seem interested in you. Track this metric and make a detailed list of the customers who are interested in you and who aren’t! This gives you a clear idea so that you know on whom you should focus!

Email mistakes rate: Email mistakes rate is nothing but the number of mistakes you made in your emails. Yes, everyone makes mistakes but making the big mistakes costs you a huge loss. Now, you just need to be careful with what you present to your customers. Always double-check your content before posting it. What you present creates  an image of you in the reader’s mind so always make sure your image is what you want to make and not anything else!

Let me give you an idea of the common email marketing mistakes!

It looks like bots have written your mails and not you. This is the most common mistake! So, to improve on this what you should do is include your audience into the conversation. The personal touch makes them feel good  and trustworthy!

Your subject line is boring! This will be a huge mistake since it leads to no opening and which means no reading the email as well! So, keep in mind to have a catchy subject.

Mobile phones can’t access your emails properly. There are more than 60% of users who use only mobile phones. You must note that!

You sound like you are only interested in selling and not anything else. This will no doubt make you look professional. But the customers also have feelings so you must take care of that too.

The last but the biggest mistake is sending your email at the wrong time. Studies have proved that sending a well furnished email at the wrong time is nothing but the wastage of your energy and good content.

Delivered rate: The easiest definition of delivered rate is that it is actually the number of people who received your emails. Now, all your good content, hard work, creativity etc. goes in vain if your ultimate purpose is not fulfilled i.e. The email has not been received by your audience. A good delivery rate is nearly 80% for the marketers. You must know that an email is counted as delivered if it is not bounced.

You can calculate the delivery rate by just dividing the number of mails  delivered to the number of mails sent. This is an easy and quick way of finding the delivery rate. This metric seems less useful but yet it’s the most prior one! Neglecting it causes great loss and to avoid such loss simply take note of the delivery rate carefully! You can get detailed information about this from Digital Ipsum! 

Spam Complaints: The last but not the least one is spam complaints. When any user sends a complaint regarding your service or  the product and you get the spam which when increased too much results in blocked by ! Spam complaints are actually the reports that are created by the email recipients against your email or you can say they file a report for the unwanted mails in their inbox! Be careful with this!

To avoid such spamming you should keep in mind that your content must not seem illegal or poor. Also, note that sending many emails at a time will make you look like a fraud. And to stay away from such things, never ignore the mentioned facts.

Here comes your hero! Digital ipsum can guide you over this. If your complaint rate or spam rate rises above 0.3% we will notify you with the warning! Don’t get too alarmed because even the legitimate senders get such warnings! But yeah if this complaint rate rises above 0.5% you are likely to get suspended! Spams are the triggers. Marketing in the simple and proper way can help in avoiding spam complainants. For more such information go visit our website. The link is provided below!


Now since all this is a practical guide and just by words there is no big thing.. So, I would like to end this with tips for you to improve your email marketing!

  • Stay up-to-date with data and try to be more and more accurate.
  • Always have an eye on the subscribers list so that you get the measurement of your success.
  • Never forget to focus on your customers’ needs and interests.
  • Make your content rich so that you look more relevant compared to others.
  • The email service provider is so helpful for you in every possible aspect so make sure to use his services properly and use every feature.

Please make sure to comment your thoughts as we would be more than happy to hear from you. Share with us how our blog was helpful to you!  Also, linking our official websites link , our contact number and email address below, don’t forget to check it out! Feel free to contact us as we are available here 24/7 for you!  And, yeah we are so much thankful to you for taking out your time to read our blog! Interest is always the first step to learn something new from everything! Have a great day readers!