Recent Trends In Graphic Designing

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Graphic Design Trends

Recent Trends In Graphic Designing

The world of marketing is changing at a breakneck speed. It has compelled businesses to use conversational marketing to communicate with their customers. As a result, it encourages graphic designing firms to create socially conscious designs that emphasise client demands through aesthetics. In recent years, graphic designing has already set a benchmark and has left traditional marketing far behind. 

With its fast growing pace, it has also set some trends all over the years. Some recent trends of graphic designing are  discussed below.

3D designs

The concept of three dimensional designs is not new to the world. But, it surely is here for the long run with even better upgrades. It has made the most of technological growth. New trends will witness more lifelike visuals. Designers are combining 3D designs with photos and flat illustrations. They attract attention and engage people into the information they are trying to convey. 

Optical illusion designs

It is a very clever way to grab the attention of your target audience. It is addictive and makes people want to know more regarding what it is about. If the brand’s personality can match with an optical illusion design, it can help the brand drag more viewers. 

Muted color palettes

Colors play a crucial role in bringing ideas to life. Muted color tones are receiving a lot of attention. It helps give a design a fresh look. In the near future, muted color tones will be more focused on as compared to vibrant shades.

Blur and grain

2020 saw the growing use of gradients in designs. Blur and grain help emphasise the use of pop-out text on a background. In the year 2021, creative designers began emphasising the use of pop-out text on a background. It maintains the design looking new and encourages customers to spend more time on the brand’s promotional platforms. This will be a futuristic trend in graphic design since it allows the creative designer to experiment with various aspects and attract attention.

Graphic Design Trends

Typography designs

Chaotic typographic designs are getting a lot of attention in current times. Unaligned letters and text attract focus from customers and make them want to read what has been mentioned. 

Geometric designs

This design style has been on the rise for a while, but it appears to be reaching its pinnacle in 2021. The concept of combining smaller, simpler forms to produce larger, more complex ones. Large blocks and solids, generally with bold colours and contours, are mixed and matched to create unique patterns.

Voxel art designs

A voxel is a three-dimensional cube that is essentially a two-dimensional counterpart of a two-dimensional pixel. It has an instantly recognised design, much like lego bricks, and you’ve probably seen it in many computer games like Minecraft. It’s a very visual style with a childlike simplicity and vintage charm while being immensely contemporary and is going to trend in the near future.

Certain aspects of website design, such as fast loading times, simple navigation, and enhanced security, as well as the emergence of the battery-saving, eye-saving dark mode, are here to stay. The most recent graphic design trends deal with these elements, aesthetically improving them. Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd. can be your one stop solution for all digital marketing needs and help you take over the digital arena with your business.