Role Of Social Media In Marketing

Social Media
Role of Social Media in Marketing

Role Of Social Media In Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

The role of social media in marketing is to create brand awareness with the main objective of sales of products or services of the business. In simple words, is the use of social media platforms and websites to expand their web traffic. The role of social media has completely swapped over the last 10 years or decades. The Marketing industry has changed and evolved to the next level from businesses reaching out to customers to businesses pulling the customers.

Role of Social Media in Marketing

The whole result of using social media in marketing depends on meeting the final business goal. Social media introduces amazing results to the growth of a business. However, its real future is still underrated due to an uneven pattern of customer behavior. We are trying to quote a customer who made a direct purchase on your website that does not account for the success of social media. This list can be longer than this but we have tried to convey major key role of social media in marketing to you:



The total number of people who see your content is referred to as Reach. A businessman needs to have its customer base in place in the first place. In any traditional marketing, we tend to use our contacts, references, networking and other methods to find the relative customer. However social media marketing has introduced and made it easy for us to find targeted customers at the digital platform. The role of social media in marketing is to reach its target audience with simple computerization through social media networks.

Increase Website Traffic


Another key role of social media marketing is to handle online traffic. The term online traffic refers to visitors landing on the home web page through various digital platforms viz Google, Social Media, Snapchat and Facebook etc. Social media is the second highest possible digital traffic channel after Google’s organic search. It is included in one of the best contributors to the increase in website traffic. Businesses are facing huge competition in positioning themselves on the first page of Google with a keyword search. It is again a very long process which requires a lot of research and patience. Hence the role of social media in marketing is gaining a lot of boost to target the right and relevant audience through social media.

Customer Engagement 


If you fail to engage with your target audience then the above two roles of social media in marketing are of no value. Any advertisement, video and post should add value to target customers. The message that you wish to deliver to your customers should be short, crisp and aligned with your business objective. For good content, your customers are your second level marketers because they would like it and further most likely to share it. Customer engagement is the key role of social media in marketing.

Role of Social Media Marketing in Business

Precise Targeting of the Audience on Social Media


Social media is a digital platform which has too much of an audience. Nevertheless not everyone can be your target customer. Your target customer is the one who helps you in achieving your business’s main objective. Social media is a digital marketing tool that provides a marketer with different options to choose the right audience for a business, based on their behavior on social media. Hence, the role of social media in marketing the product to the right audience can be a game changer in operating the business revenue.

Content promotion on Social Media


The role of social media in marketing is huge if we individually talk about content and is a strong place of competition. The best part is that the audience always respects and wants to engage themselves with good content. So as a marketer, I would advise promoting all types of content through social media to engage their audience.

New Product Launches


In digital marketing there is a lot of gossip around it. This seems so interesting. As a digital marketer, you should choose only social media as a platform to launch any new product. Due to the generous presence of social media and high audience engagement, it brings a lot of freshness or to user experience in new business. One may create a lot of buzz around the product for the brand to engage their audience.

Building Trust with Customers


Customer trust is the base for the growth of any business. Social media is making a lot of news about brand building and trust among the audience. Hence most of the customers are likely to opt for reviews and ratings shared by other clients. One time purchase products in 5 years of time period are likely to lose hold on their customer base. It is considered that the next purchase will be examined by the customer most likely after 3 years.  But that’s the area where most marketers go wrong. Customer engagement with existing clients builds brand trust in the market which helps to grow healthy and reliable business. Customers don’t choose to repeat the purchase of products where they don’t see themselves to be associated with. 

Enrich Customer Experience


The role of social media in marketing is not to limit only purchase, sales, revenue generation and brand promotion. It also enhances the customer journey. Nowadays marketers think from a wider point of view. Making a new customer complete his purchase is an intelligent and appreciable task. But winning a customer itself is being smarter than the others. A lot of marketers now believe in making their customers experience their brand. Hence the role of social media in marketing is helping brands in true enhancement of their customer experience. 

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