SEM vs SEO : Which Is Better


SEM vs SEO : Which Is Better

What Is SEM And SEO ?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) are the integral part of brand marketing strategy . Every profitable brand makes use of one of them . They market their product to reach out to the desired set of audience . Both of them share the same outcome vision .They both represent the flip side of the same coin . It’s not wrong to say that they are similar in almost every way . Both the marketing techniques help the brand reach out to a larger set of audience which makes the whole ecosystem scalable and profitable . SEO and SEM aids the brand to stand out among the peers . 

Basic Characteristics :

To understand which is better among the two we must first understand what value they hold . Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the strategy used to increase the content traffic through paid means . In simple words , it’s a technique used by the brand to make their search result visible more often on the search engine results page and they pay a fee for the same . The brand is charged in a per click manner that means they are only charged a fee when someone visits their search result through the ad published . These ads are specifically placed on top or bottom of a search engine result page . This makes the ads stand out from the usual search results .

On the other hand , Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the strategy of producing traffic on a site through organic and unpaid means . SEO attracts traffic in an unpaid manner . A brand pays no fees because no ads are advertised . SEO uses some specifics such as particular keywords , relatable hashtags and links to make their content outnumber other content therefore generating traffic . This organic scaling strategy helps a product to make an impact . Brands often hire an SEO expert for the same . Both the marketing techniques if gracefully implemented can turn the world upside down in a good way for a brand. 

Which Is Better Among The Two ?

Till now we have understood the basics of both the marketing techniques . Let us hop to the priceless question of which one is better between the two . They both are utilised by the brands to drive in better traffic by using different use cases. So , it totally depends on your brand’s needs and requirements which defines which is better of the two .

In SEM you pay a cost for the traffic generated whereas SEO doesn’t cost you a penny . The result of SEM is immediate whereas SEO takes time to reach out to the  audience organically . The visibility in SEM is set to a definite set of audience whereas in the SEO content reaches out to everyone . SEM is a time labeled service while on the flip side the SEO provides value overtime . SEM is good for testing a product as it brings out the result with immediate power whereas SEO is not an ideal means of testing  . The cost per click is lower in SEM as its paid service whereas SEO provides a better value in terms of cost per click .

These are the major service pros and cons of SEM and SEO . Both are good in terms of the value they add to the brand . It entirely depends on the brand which strategy they go forward with in order to bring out the best outcome possible . A brand can also make use of both of the techniques keeping the short and long term goals in mind .

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