SEO Digital Marketing: Inviting More Visitors To Your Website

SEO Digital Marketing: Inviting More Visitors To Your Website

Digital marketing is all about increasing your brand awareness by using every possible technology. One such technology that is highly used by marketers and advertisers is SEO. SEO digital marketing is very influential. Let us understand it in depth.

What Is SEO Digital Marketing?

SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization. It is an unpaid technique that is used to rank your website, so that your website is visible on the top of the search engines. This is a process of boosting your online content in such a way that a search engine would like to show your content on the top of the SERP i.e Search Engine Result Page during the search of a keyword that is related to your business. It is a natural way of increasing traffic on your website. The trick for increasing traffic on the article is to create relatable content and think according to the users. Search keyword is an important tool in seo and the number of times it appears in an article, the more visible it will be on a Search Engine Result Page. 

Breakdown Of SEO Digital Marketing

The spell of SEO digital marketing is really wonderful. For a business to survive online, it becomes important to indulge in SEO. Let us make a rough breakdown. When a layman tries his hand on something new, for example, tries to cook any Japanese dish, for sure he will go to a search engine to know the exact recipe and steps involved. On an average basis around 67% people click the first five results that are visible to them on the result page. If your content is not available in the first five, then there are high chances that it is not up to the mark. 

Thus the above mentioned example highlights the importance of SEO digital marketing. In more simple language, SEO helps an advertiser to rank his content in the top five results. This helps him to get more clicks and awareness too. SEO uses a very complex algorithm and has a complicated diagram that examines the websites used by the user. 

Origin Of SEO Digital Marketing

The history of SEO can be traced back to the 1990s. During that time website owners recognised the need for quality content and ranking of content at top. They understood that their content needs to be visible to people. In 1997 search engine optimization became very popular. As per Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay was the person who popularized this term a lot.  From the era of 90s to till now, SEO digital marketing continues to evolve over time. In 2005, AIR web i.e Adversarial Information Retrieval on the web was created in an annual conference to bring the researchers and professionals together who are concerned with SEO digital marketing and the topics related to that. 

Why Is SEO Digital Marketing Essential For Business?

In the year 1996, Bill Gates made a prediction, Content Is The King. This line completely defines today’s era. To survive the cut throat competition, it is essential for the businesses to enter the world of digital marketing. To promote themselves online and to increase sales online, they have to take certain decisions when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some of the reasons that justify it.

  1. To generate brand awareness
  2. An improved website leads to more earnings
  3. No need to pay i.e unpaid
  4. Easy to find your website and target the audience
  5. Advances the authenticity of the website
  6. Promotes healthy competition
  7. Better experience for the searcher

The above mentioned reasons highlight the importance of SEO digital marketing. With globalization at its peak, the level of competition has advanced. A lot of people are entering into the market thus there is a rise in rivals too.   

Understanding Google’s search engine algorithm

Google uses several algorithms to rank a website on its diverse search engine platforms. The search engine crawlers crawl on the website and use several features to find the worth of the website while providing it with a ranking. 

However Google has updated its ranking methods, and it has become difficult for websites to rank themselves on the top with only keyword stuffing or by using backlinks. Google recognizes the worth of the content on a website while ranking on its search engine platform. Websites have to improvise their content’s quality. Thus Google too proved the lines of Bill Gates that “Content is the King”. 

Here are some of the important points for websites to consider while optimizing their website for SEO digital marketing.

  • Search engine platforms want their users to land on the most relevant page on the internet for the product or service they are looking for on the internet. SEO digital marketing plays a crucial role in ranking a website on Google’s search engine. Google’s ranking algorithm, the loading speed of the website, easy user interface, interactive designs, and improvised navigation standards while providing them rankings on their site. 
  • Every business must avoid keyword stuffing or using incorrect back-links for promoting their brand as it can lead to a permanent ban on the website. So one might have to pay a hefty penalty to Google for misusing its rules and regulations.
  • A website must have a responsive theme or template, which makes it easy for mobile and tablet users to access it. 
  • Last but not the least, boosting the quality of your website content will generate mass appeal. 

SEO techniques are classified in 2 categories- White hat and Black hat.

White Hat- The techniques that are a part of good design as recommended by the seo companies are termed as white hat techniques.

Black Hat- The techniques that are not approved by the seo companies are termed as black hat techniques. 

White hats are likely to produce results that last a long time. Whereas, black hats may be banned temporarily or permanently once the search engine optimization companies know what they are doing. Hence for more relevant data, you can contact Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd.