Snapchat for Effective Digital Marketing

Snapchat for digital marketinng

Snapchat for Effective Digital Marketing



Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has  become the most popular image messaging app. It is popular  for its vanishing photos and entertaining effects. It’s difficult to overlook Snapchat for content marketing—a significant platform with a large number of younger users. The average Snapchat user spends 30 minutes per day on the app, which is a great way for marketers to use Snapchat for effective digital marketing to target them.

How Snapchat Works


The entire process of making a snap is quite straightforward and takes place entirely within the app. The sender may add text, graphic effects, or even draw on the message after taking a photo or video. The sender may then set a time limit for the message and send it to as many individuals in their Snapchat contacts as they choose.

The receiver only sees the snap once and can only replay each snap once per day. Snapchat allows users to buy extra ‘Replays,’ allowing them to replay more than one snap every day or the same snap numerous times, as a method to monetize the social network. If a user captures a snapshot of a snap, the sender gets a notification for safety purposes. 

Snapchat Content For Effective Digital Marketing


Because Snapchat reaches so many people, it’s a unique marketing medium worth experimenting with, especially for marketers looking to attract millennials. For businesses trying to appeal to a younger clientele, Snapchat is a potent social networking tool. There are a few different ways to interact with your target market:



Snapchat Geofilters are a great method to communicate with a hyper-local audience if you’re promoting a local shop or event, such as a conference, concert, or store opening. Marketers  utilise geofilters to build a Snapchat filter that is available to all users in a certain location for a set length of time.

If your company is conducting a conference, for example, design a Geofilter for the duration of the event to encourage attendees to engage with your company on Snapchat. People that use the Geofilter unintentionally spread the word about your brand to their friends and coworkers.

Snapchat for digital marketing

Discover Section


Snapchat’s  feature, ‘Discover,’ was launched in early 2015 and provides sponsored content to all app users. Snapchat partners with a number of news and content publishers to provide viewers with regularly updated material via their ‘Discover tab.’ New content creators are introduced on a regular basis as well. The material is highly graphical and  includes video as well as articles that users can bookmark. One of Snapchat’s initial efforts into advertising is the Discover area of the app. This allows content producers to seek out third-party sponsors. The advertising is frequently included as a video or graphic piece in the brand tales.

Snapchat Ads


Snap Adverts are full-screen, 10-second vertical video ads that show in between Stories on Instagram. This is a terrific method to get your word out to a larger audience. Snap Ads  advertise a piece of content, a product or mobile app, or a visit to your mobile website, among other things. Snap Ads offer a 5x greater swipe-up rate than the average click-through rate on other social media platforms. This makes it an excellent method to market your business.

Sneak Peek


Consider using Snapchat if you want to give people a sneak peek at a new product or launch. Inform your target market that an exclusive sneak peek preview would be available only to your Snapchat connections. Users who add your brand as a friend will feel like they are part of an exclusive group. This helps customers connect with your brand more. 

Although Snapchat may not seem ideal for every business, companies trying to attract the attention of a younger audience should absolutely consider including it in their digital marketing strategy. Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd. is an excellent digital marketing agency that will help you with snapchat content.