Understanding the Internet And Social Media:

Today, we live in a modern world of technology. We are constantly in touch with the digital power of communication. Social media and the internet in the past decade have taken the world by a storm. Social media and the internet are basically two sides of the same coin. The Internet, in simple words, is a network channel which connects devices from all over the world. On the other hand Social Media is an internet powered technology. This allows people to share information, content, ideas and thoughts from all over the world. The users of Social media communicate with each other through their smartphones, tablets and computers with the help of social media apps and software.

Social Media

Social media and the internet has brought the world close and it’s constantly bridging the communication gap between the people all around the place. To be honest, the internet and social media are inarguably the best gifts of the 21st century. A person sitting in any country of any continent can talk, communicate and share a piece of information or content to a person sitting in any other country of a completely different continent. This is the freedom that these highly powerful technologies pack for us. Freedom to be anywhere at any time without physically being present there. The freedom and power to impact the world by your one idea. Social media helps people break boundaries and go beyond their potential.

Integral Part Of Our Society :

Social media was initially discovered as a means of communication between friends and people. But huge unicorns saw an opportunity to reach out to billions of people. However businesses like Cyber Dolphins from around the world have adopted social media and the internet to sell their products and services and market them to their full potential. Hence E-Commerce brands like Flipkart and Amazon have made buying and selling commodities a piece of cake. So 15 years ago, no one would have ever imagined even in their dreams that they would ever be able to shop with such ease. Hence social media and the internet has made everyone connect with each other with ever evolving social media apps and software such as tiktok , instagram , clubhouse and hundreds more .

Social media revolution

The social media revolution has enabled people to dive deep into ideologies of people. Access to any piece of information has become a cake walk for the internet users. Social media and the internet are all around us today. It’s no mistake to say that our society is evolving over a base called the internet. Social media has allowed people to look over the conventional career paths. Hence careers like social media influencers are making their way out to the mainstream.


The Internet is not only useful for entertainment purposes but also for important tasks such as voting and exam conduction. However in the pandemic we were getting aware of many more useful aspects of the internet and social media. Students attended lectures over the virtual calls. Working professionals worked online sitting in their homes. 

However social media gives us the power to access real time information. It has helped people network and make friends online. Create a community with the same mindset. So Social media and the internet has opened the doors to millions of opportunities worldwide. However they are the most powerful tool of human history. Hence for more information, You can contact Digital Ipsum.