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The world is now a Global Village and community and Social Media are the fastest-growing marketplaces here. Every marketplace thrives when they understand the needs of its consumers and work and create accordingly.

And How do they do that?

Social Media Marketing Agencies to the rescue!

1) What is Social Media Marketing?

The simplest and easiest explanation would be that Social Media Marketing or SMM is the following-

However the use of social media to connect with consumers, build brands and promote products and brands.

Time Spent on Social Media:

Additionally on average, internet users spend about seven hours online on a daily basis! Seven hours would cover the average amount of time working people spend in the office. Naturally, industries have shifted their focus to social media as well.

How SMM Wins

Social Media Marketing gains privilege through the three core aspects of social media: connection, interaction and user data. Also, this helps them reach the consumers better and sort out their target audience. According to their needs and preferences.

2) A Brief History

The computer was invented in the 1940s. However by the 1980s, they became more sophisticated and had begun to take over typewriters. In the 1990s, the saplings of social media began to rise their heads. Finally, in the early 2000s we had Facebook.

Social Media Marketing started with Businesses sharing their content on social media to increase traffic on their websites.

Hence the picture has transformed into a full-blown marketplace that social media now serves today. Advertisements and even orders are placed through social media. Especially through the likes of Instagram, Millennials’ and Gen-Z’s most preferred platform.

3) What is a Social Media Marketing Agency

What is a Social Media Marketing Agency you ask? A Social Media Marketing Agency is a creative company that develops and runs social media marketing strategies and campaigns for their clients. To put it simply.

However, businesses that rely on Social Media Marketing are now choosing Social Media Marketing agencies like Digital Ipsum Private Limited, Kreative Machinez and Digital Googly for marketing their business and increasing traffic to their websites.

A Necessity

Not only has it turned into a smart choice in today’s world, but it is a necessity in the business world as digital marketing flourishes. Customers show interest in the brands that are visible. While providing quality services and products is essential, promotion of your brand is equally important.

Hence with the help of an efficient and effective Social Media Marketing Agency, businesses can save time and focus on what they do best- develop and deliver. Promotion and marketing would no longer be their headache. 

Having an effective team of professionals for promoting and highlighting your business online would not only help strengthen your brand’s digital presence but can also be helpful for smoother transactions. Further, working with digital marketing agencies would help increase traffic at your website, leading to an increase in the number of customers and potential customers.

The right Social Media Marketing Agency will not only make your brand’s presence known to the social media platforms, but it has the potential to make it easier for consumers to reach and interact with your brand.

However, in this world of start-ups and competitive social media promotions, interacting with customers and potential consumers is one of the crucial factors for the establishment of your brand digitally. The easier it is to reach you, the more consumers you have.

4) Social Media Marketing Agencies in Kolkata

Social Media Marketing

India is a thriving market. It is also emerging as a start-up hub. Today’s business start-ups are dependent on social media marketing after all. 

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India. A city with enormous potential, Kolkata is filled with bright, innovative minds. A wave of Digital Marketing has taken over Kolkata. Hence choosing the right social media marketing Agency is essential for your business.

A list of the top five new and emerging Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata is all you need:

Kreative Machinez

Combining Digital Marketing with creativity? Kreative Machinez would do the job for you. Kreative Machinez is a dedicated social media marketing agency that is committed to its clients. Moreover, they are known for their innovative ideas for social media marketing and promotion campaigns that stand out. Also known for thorough research, adoption of capable tools and technologies and delivering better online sales and revenues, Kreative Machinez stands in the crowd.

Services Offered:

Content Writing 


Social Media Marketing

Web Designing

Web Development

Digital Ipsum 

Digital Ipsum Private Limited is a digital marketing company in Kolkata. However, the company strives to provide digital wings to business ambitions. Additionally packed with highly professional and efficient team members, Digital Ipsum Private Limited is the one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs.

The company aims at consistent growth, finding simple but innovative solutions and having an optimistic but practical approach. Also, they value teamwork, innovating learning and quality, and ensuring better teamwork and efficiency.

Service Offered:

Web Design and Development

Application Development

Software Development

Social Media Management

Social Media Optimization

Content Creation

SEO and SEM 

Social Media Marketing

Graphic Designing

Digital Googly

Also one of the most valued and reputed Digital Marketing Companies in Kolkata, Digital Googly has helped businesses reach their objectives through their efficient digital marketing skills. Hence their strength lies in their online marketing models.

Services Offered:



Web Development and Designing

Social Media Marketing

Web Designing

Web Development

Graphic Designing

Da Miracle

Da Miracle has emerged as one of the finest Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata, standing out as an excellent social media marketing agency. However, it prides itself on being able to provide all-around digital marketing solutions to its clients.

Services Offered:

Social Media Marketing

Web Development

Web Designing

Content Marketing and Management


Online Branding


Last but not the least, PromoteEdge is well known for its expertise as a 360 Digital Marketing Agency. Hence making it to this list, PromoteEdge has proven itself as an efficient social media marketing agency.

Services Offered

Creative Designing

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Web Development and Designing

Content Creation and Management

5) Social Media Marketing Agencies: The Future of SMM

However, with the rapid growth in the number of internet users and the increase in social media users, it is clear that social media is quickly becoming the new market and advertising platform.

Gifts, stationeries, food, travelling, vlogging, education, you name it. Also, you have advertisements and promotions on social media platforms regarding anything and everything.

Consumers are spoiled with choices. However, it has become very easy to promote one’s brand but difficult to stand out.

Among so many intriguing options, developments and unique business ideas, it is the marketing strategy that matters. Something Digital Marketing Agencies are best at.

Moreover, the very purpose of a social media marketing agency would be to promote its client’s brand and to ensure impactful advertisement and strategic marketing. Hence ensuring that their client’s brand stands out. Ultimately, capturing the interests of the niche market.

Similarly, if social media marketing is the future of the marketing industry, a social media marketing agency is the vehicle for that future.


This blog details the importance of social media marketing and how social media marketing agencies have risen to prominence as well as their major presence in the marketing industry. Above all, the purpose of this blog, however, has been to provide the list of the top five reputed and emerging social media marketing agencies in Kolkata.