The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Organic Search Traffic


What is organic search traffic basically? Let’s find out. So, Google search results tend to prefer the paid searches more than the unpaid ones in terms of rankings. Everyone is not willing to pay for search traffic and that’s when the question of organic search results arise. Any audience or visitor of your website those who are referred to your website from another page doesn’t fall under the category of organic search traffic. SEO ( search engine optimisation ) aims at marketing of your brand and website to increase and boost fresh organic search traffic. We will talk about the ways in which organic search traffic is increased. Let’s start. 

Some Practical Tips to Increase Organic Search Traffic

1. Aiming at the user experience across the site 

When you are developing and building your website, the user experience is extremely important. Google will always rank those websites on the top that will offer the users with the best possible answers to the questions asked and the most user friendly experience. 

2. Building backlinks of diverse qualities to the website 

The term backlinks refers to any link that directs or points to your website from any other site or social platform. Google takes these links very seriously and it is considered one of the key factors while ranking your site.

3. Keyword researching at its best 

Keywords are the key tools of the whole search engine optimisation process. When you conduct a thorough keyword research, it enables you to know who is searching for your content and it also gives you a better understanding about what kind of content the readers or the audience are expecting from you.

4. Targeting less popular keywords is always a smart move

It is very obvious to think that if you do not use a good and popular keyword then your content won’t be reaching a greater audience. Well, this may not be true in every case. The more popular keywords you use, the more competitive they will be and hence your content can rank lower than expected. So, it is advisable to use less popular but keywords with high potential.

5. Increase your site speed 

Will anyone like a slow website that keeps on buffering? The answer is no. The speed of your website is another important factor that the Google bot looks after and ranks your website. If the speed of your website is low then you will get a ranking based on that.

6. A well optimised content ranks higher 

The content on your website must be optimised in order to gain a higher rank on the Google search results. Your content needs to be rich in quality and engaging to the audience. 

7. Skyrocket your digital presence in social platforms

Social media is considered to be the best tool for marketing in this digital era. When you want to increase your organic search traffic using a social media platform as an advantage can be truly beneficial for your website. 

8. Remember to set up a secured website

Another key factor for Google algorithms and bots to rank your website is the security of the site. Google ensures its users the best possible experience, so if you are not HTTPS certified then hurry up and get certified as soon as possible.

Organic Search Traffic - Why is it so important?

So, organic traffic basically refers to the audience who visit your website after they have searched for it on any search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. An organic traffic takes a lot of time for the SEO experts for your website/company to generate promising results. But, it is considered to be the most ultimate form of traffic for your website. 

This is mainly because organic traffic is targeted to specific audiences. Only those people who have the intent to click your website on the search results trust your website and its content. In other words, more the credibility of your content / website, more will be the organic traffic and higher will be the organic ranking.


From this blog we learnt about the importance of organic search traffic and how increased organic traffic is one of the most effective long term strategies for growth and development of your website. We also discussed some of the practical tips that can be implied to increase the organic traffic for your website. So, if you want to increase traffic from search engines, you need to understand and study about their functioning and you will definitely need a strategy.