Types of Logos & The Importance Of A High Quality Logo

Types of Logos & The Importance Of A High Quality Logo

Types of Logos & The Importance Of A High Quality Logo



One of the first crucial decisions you must make as a new business owner is the design of your company logo. A decent logo design may help you make an important first impression on a consumer. A logo communicates the ideals of your firm, tells a narrative, and even helps consumers trust your brand. If your company’s logo does not send the correct message to a potential consumer, it will be at a distinct disadvantage. It might even be the difference between you and the competition being chosen. Let’s understand what a logo is and the types of logos that exist. By the end of the article, you will understand the importance of a high-quality logo in business.



A logo is a word and image-based emblem that  helps us to identify a company. An excellent logo conveys what a firm does as well as the brand’s values. The main goal of logo design is to create the ideal visual brand symbol for a firm.





A wordmark is also referred to as a font-based logo. It focuses solely on a company’s name. When a firm has a short and unique name, wordmark logos function very well. 

The Google logo is an excellent illustration of this. The name is catchy and memorable on its own, so when paired with great typography, the logo contributes to excellent brand awareness.



Lettermarks or monograms are logos consisting of the letters of company name, generally brand initials. Free of the examples are IBM, HBO, and BMW etc.



An abstract mark is a form of pictorial logo. Instead of a familiar picture, such as an apple or a bird, it is an abstract geometric form that represents your company.



When we talk about pictorial logos: we get “ the iconic apple logo and twitter’s bird” in our mind. Both the company’s logos are so iconic, and each brand is so well-known that only the symbol is instantly identifiable among the customers.



An emblem logo is a design within a symbol or icon. These logos have a conventional style to create a strong impression, making them a popular choice for many schools, organizations.



A combination mark is a logo that consists of a wordmark or letter mark mixed with a graphical mark or abstract mark. The image and text can be held side by side, stacked on top of each other.

Therefore, these are types of logos that will help you make a high-quality logo for your business.

Types of Logos & The Importance Of A High Quality Logo



Many small company owners may design their own logos or ask their friends who have good  “photoshop abilities” to do it for them. As their company grows, the owners realise the need of a professional logo to represent the excellent quality of their products and services. They then hire someone to alter their logo, which may result in rebranding or consumer resentment. 

A changed logo for a small firm frequently results in diminished brand identification among current and prospective clients. It is far preferable to invest some money in a professional logo design early.

A logo should reflect the uniqueness of your brand by delivering a quick and honest sense of your business concept. A logo that is built for an honest brand concept will be meaningful and will create trust in its audience. 



So, before you go into logo creation, spend some time getting to know your business. So if you haven’t given brand attributes or values any thought, now is the moment. Hence creating a brand identity that your target audience can relate to will offer you a significant edge as you progress through the logo design process. 

Designing to communicate the essence of your brand extends beyond your brand’s personality. So create your logo with your target audience in mind. Hence your approach to logo design should be greatly influenced by your understanding of your target audience. For more information, you can contact Digital Ipsum.