Use of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

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Use of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Use of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing



Use of hashtags is a very important part of any social media marketing campaigns. The proper use of hashtags attract a large amount of crowd and create a very big impact. One cannot forget that #MeeToo became a revolution and gave the crowd a voice to come forward and tell their  secrets and their plight. Nike’s #Just Do It is not limited to its tagline, it has become an affirmation to many. Use of hashtags in social media marketing is essential, so let’s look at how it should be done.



Hashtag is a keyword which is highlighted by preceding it with #. This takes place so that people may easily find your content when they search that particular keyword. The attractiveness and uniqueness of these hashtags draws the audience and encourages them to interact with you and get to know you better. Phrases used in the hashtags are used without spaces.

Hashtags were first started by Twitter and thereafter other social media platforms also adopted them .

How To Make A Good HashTag?


The things which you should consider in mind while making a hashtags is:

  1. It should be concise and simple to spell.
  2. It can include a number but no punctuation marks and special characters.
  3. Make sure it is not taken and already used for that. A quick search to social media websites will be a great idea.
  4. Also including the trendy hashtags will make your hashtag more inclusive.
  5. Doing proper research regarding the trends and liking of the customers will be of great help.
Use of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Uses of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing:


Hashtags have become a very integral part of social media marketing as they turn out to be  very effective as well as efficient. 

Now let’s go through the Uses of hashtags in social media marketing:

Promotion of New Product or Campaign


Hashtag being short , crisp and catchy helps in promotion of  a new product or new campaign launched by a company. For eg #oreochocolate will let audience know that a new Oreo flavor has emerged.

Connects People


Hashtag is like a neuronlike which includes the same activity done by a number of people and connecting them in a way . For example #Sunbathing means people who like sunbathing and this hashtag will connect people with like minded people as well as to the various sunscreen brands.

Simplify the Process of Promotion


Hashtags are short, which is why they simplify the process of social media marketing. As a large amount of explanation is not required.

Hashtags Connect Consumers With the Relevant Products


It helps the consumer to find the appropriate product or content for themselves as they include a large amount of content catering to needs and wants of the consumer. For example if a consumer types #chocolatecake on Instagram so he will be able to connect to various pictures, videos of the chocolate cake . Also he will be able to see the various cake mix brands to help him make a wonderful chocolate cake.

It Reaches a Large Audience


An advertisement posted in the Google Ads may not be able to reach a large audience as the appropriate hashtag made for it because people tend to ignore ads but can’t look away a trendy hashtag. They may even use it on their own social media handle.


Hashtags are a very important and influential tool . However it can generate a large amount of traffic to the social media page and help consumers to know the core values and ideology of the firm. It has become a significant part of social media campaigning. So a right amount of creativity and popularity can bring wonderful results. Hence for more data related to the above topic, you can contact Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd.