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We dream, we aspire, we innovate. We believe in striving for excellence with the help of our most innovative, unique, and amazing digital solutions. Our focus is not only to get ahead of our competitors, but also to help our clients in getting ahead as well!

“Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success”

          -Henry Ford

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What we do

What do we do?

Following  Henry Ford’s quote, we make sure to work as a team in order to progress and drive in growth for our clients. We take businesses to the next level by implementing expert strategies in a wide range of services varying from content creation to search engine optimization, web development to social media optimization, software and application development to search engine marketing!

With a clear focus, determination, and perseverance, we are always looking forward to making our clients reach the zenith of success through our amazing and modern digital marketing techniques.

Our Beliefs

Our Belief

Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd. keeps striving every day to stay true to our beliefs.


Leading By Example


Taking Accountability


Committing To The Process

Our Values

Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd. values are what make us strive towards excellence and make every project extremely interesting for our team, as well as, our clients.




Innovative Learning



Our Values

Our Goals


At Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd., we have a very clear understanding as to what we want to achieve as an organization.


Consistent growth


Simple and innovative


Staying Positive and Practical

Meet our team

The Best of the Best

Experiences From Former Team Members

My working experience with Digital Ipsum was excellent. It had brought discipline and professionalism to my life. All my seniors and colleagues were so much supportive. I had learned plenty of things like time management, interacting with clients, following the rules, a systematic approach, and planning before starting a new project. From a technological point of view, I had learned React.js, Node.JS, MySQL, and WordPress, which are the backbone of web development. I am obliged that, Chirag Sir and Priyanka Ma'am gave me an opportunity to be part of Digital Ipsum. The work environment is collaborative, as well as practical. Last but not least, a big big thank you to Priyanka Ma'am and Chirag Sir for each and everything that you had done for me.
For me, Digital Ipsum was not just my first internship, but an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. It doesn't feel like the traditional corporate with a bossy boss on top of you with deadlines. It really feels free to work and share your opinions whenever asked for. I was always in awe of the work culture and work environment over here. The seniors are too friendly and not at all daunting like I imagined I'll have to face before I started. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Priyanka Ma'am for being such a great employer. There were times I was so touched by whatever she said and yes it has inspired me a lot. Even at times when I was been yelled at, I wanted to improve myself and that I believe is true success on the companies part. Digital Ipsum will forever be really close to my heart. It was and always will be an honour working here.
It is hard to say goodbye sometimes. I loved the company culture and the rules. To have rules is to do your work proper. My experience was amazing and outstanding here. As it was my first internship on digital marketing I got a idea of how digital marketing works. Even i got to know how a company works, as i have done a internship before and it was in office. As company said that something.. interns are not given that much priority. And by this company when i was taken in the meeting with the Managing Director, it was pleasure to be a part of a meeting. Podcast was amazing. My overall experience in this company was excellent.
It's been a great pleasure working here.its a great place to work in terms of professional and organisational growth. It has a very dynamic environment where people are given the opportunity to thrive.
The experience in Digital Ipsum was very good. I got to learn so many things . The team was very cooperative and helpful especially Priyanka Ma'am and Tanu Ma'am. If in any way I could be a help to the organization I will do the needful . Thankyou Digital Ipsum for giving me a chance and believing in me . I have utmost respect for you and I'll be forever grateful for giving me chance to showcase myself. As you said Digital ipsum will always remain intact in my professional career and will be a part of it.
I joined Digital Ipsum early in January 2022. I started my journey here as a HR Intern and soon i was heading the department, which was a great learning experience and fun at the same time, I remember it used to be the cold winter days and everyday Priyanka ma'am would sit with me and we would talk for hours sometimes and it kept me warm from inside and at the same time inspired me to keep my work upto the mark. Life was simple, not only my academics were given a priority but working with Digital Ipsum taught me to manage my time more effectively and actually pay attention to what matters in life. I am still too young to figure out everything in life, but i would always go back to those cozy winter days, working with Priyanka ma'am, Chirag sir, having all those bonding meetings and being treated like a proper adult employee and not just an intern. It definitely gave me a happy place I can revisit.
I have had a wonderful experience of working here at Digital Ipsum Pvt Ltd. The work culture here is very friendly, engaging and rewarding. I have personally learned a lot by working here, the most important one being time management, At a professional level, the company has taught me collaborative team work and has helped in improving communication and interpersonal skills. I am extremely thankful for giving me this golden opportunity to work for this company.
Working with Digital Ipsum I have learned to acknowledge my mistakes and analyze them. I will always be thankful to the team for helping and guiding me through the tasks.
My internship with Digital Ipsum has been a profoundly creative journey. Spending three months under the guidance of experts who have taught me something new in every step. Through this internship I have gained alot of experience and knowledge of what being a graphic designer is like.
I really appreciate the company's help in providing me with a valuable internship for the past three months! I completed my internship online as I am located in bhilai (c.g) India . During my internship, I assisted in the designs of social media posts and festival posts and blog banners for several companies. Colleagues were very nice and were always willing to give me professional advice. I've improved my professional abilities and daily communication skills because I wrote emails and chatted with native English speakers. I've really enjoyed my internship. I am considering going back and working there again in the future. I feel very lucky and happy to have had this experience!
Working at Digital Ipsum as an intern was a really wonderful experience. Work culture and the ethics the companies follows in and out for their employees and even for the clients is truly remarkable. Practical experience and friendly nature by the seniors is one of the qualities I can stress more from the zillions of those I experienced.