What Is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Design
What Is Graphic Designing

What Is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing :


Graphic Designing is a sublime art of putting an idea or thoughts into an art piece with the help of design elements such as text , shapes , colors etc . Graphic Designing helps in communicating an idea in a visual format . It helps in carving out user experience visually . Graphic design is made to connect with users eternally and bridge the gap between the user and the graphic designer’s idea . It is used for a bigger cause than just idea expression . Graphic design is an evolution which has provided people with freedom . Freedom to create , freedom to speak , freedom to express , freedom to go beyond boundaries . A graphic designing is often considered as an emotional design because of the story it depicts . 

The base of graphic design are the elements of design and some basic principles . The graphic design elements are form , color , line , space , size , space and texts . Graphic designers use these elements to create their art . The graphic design principles include balance , contrast , movement , proportion , rhythm and emphasis .

Graphic design uses a strong color scheme . Colors used in a graphic design not only facilitate visual pleasure but they play a huge role in tuning the physiological aspect . Every single color triggers an emotion in the human brain . Graphic designers make use of this important aspect of colors to bring their art to life . A graphic designer has a great sense of color theory.

Aesthetics contribute to a large portion of graphic design art . Designers use the user psychology in mind to create an art piece which directly connects to the user’s mind.

Uses :


This art requires a strong skill set to create a timeless piece of art . Graphic designers often learn about these particular skills through a course in a university or online . This gives them a strong starting point to work towards their dream of graphic designing . Through the process of iteration , they brush up their skills and usually showcase them through a portfolio which is a compilation of their work.

What Is Graphic Designing?

Nowadays , every brand like Digital Ipsum makes use of graphic design to showcase their products and services and promote or market them. Hence this revolution has opened the doors for millions to pursue the unconventional career path of graphic designing . So it has provided people with opportunities to learn and grow . However Graphic design art has no bounds and it can be anything like a poster , a text form design , an animation , graffiti and many more . Graphic art is just not limited to a paper or a canvas . Hence the marketing industry makes a heavy use of graphic design to advertise their products . So the large portion of advertisement outlets we see everyday is a part of graphic design.

So Graphic Designers make use of some very powerful tools ( apps and software ) to put their imagination to work . Adobe cloud for example is one of them. 

Given below are the major types of graphic designs :


1 : Graphic design for brand’s identity

2 : Graphic design for marketing and promotions of a product or service

3 : Graphic design for user interface of apps and devices 

4 : Graphic design for packaging of products

5 : Graphic design for art and illustration 

However graphic design is a revolutionary form of art . Hence it brings out the deep rooted ideologies and depicts an unpredictable story . For more information, you can ask your queries to Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd.