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What is

Social Media Marketing ?

Think about your own social media profile. Have you ever sat there and scrolled down and suddenly stopped because you found an ad that was interesting? Upon finding that ad, you may have clicked on it, which led you to either sign up for an event, or a product? Well, this is social media marketing. To clarify, Social Media Marketing is a term that is used when advertisements are used to generate traffic to the websites. The hope of doing this is to get a sale, or at least lead your customers to your website.

What Do We Do ?

We do exactly what Social Media Marketing is defined as. We create the content and the images, and we help you do paid marketing on social media platforms. We will monitor the ads and make sure we are fulfilling your goals that you are looking for, be it lead generation, brand awareness or anything else.

What our company do in social media marketing?
Digital Ipsum Social Media Tactics

What To Expect ?

Our social media marketing tactics are extremely effective, efficient, and modern as well. On top of that, we will assist you in:

Social Media Marketing Pricing

Our pricing is very simple. We charge a 20% of your budget total per month per platform.

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Everything they said would happen did happen. In a short period of time, my social media engagement doubled.

Rohan Saxena

Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd.’s social media strategies are new, unique, and innovative.

Suryansh Dey

Digital Ipsum Pvt. Ltd. really helped me in increasing my brand awareness on social media platforms.

Amit Singh