Brand Reputation Online

Digital Ipsum: How We Monitor Our Brand Reputation Online

Digital Ipsum is a branding agency located in Kolkata, India, and we know how important it is to manage your brand reputation in this connected world. It is key to keep an eye on what people are saying about your company online in this age of powerful consumer evaluations and social media conversations. For the Indian market in particular, we will go over several important tactics for keeping tabs on your brand’s online image. 

1. Leverage Social Listening Tools:

The number of people using social media in India is enormous and rising rapidly. Many people talk about brands on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In cases like these, social listening techniques can prove to be priceless. You may find out how people feel about your brand, what problems customers are having, and how successful your marketing initiatives are with the help of these tools that monitor mentions of your company across different social media sites. 

2.  Embrace Brand-Specific Hashtags:

Hashtags are a great tool for starting discussions on the internet. To boost interaction and user-generated content, numerous Indian brands employ and promote hashtags that are exclusive to their brand. By keeping an eye on these hashtags, you can find out how people view your business and where you can make improvements.

3.  Keep an Eye on Online Review Sites:

In India, consumers rely heavily on review services such as Google My Business and Mouthshut while making purchases. Being vigilant in your monitoring of these platforms enables you to swiftly resolve customer complaints, highlight positive reviews, and promote your dedication to customer happiness. 

4.  Respond to Reviews (Positive and Negative):

You may learn a lot from customer reviews, whether they’re good or bad. Reacting to favorable reviews is a great way to express gratitude and build stronger ties with customers. Promptly and professionally responding to bad reviews shows that you value customer feedback and are willing to work to improve.

5.  Partner with Local Influencers:

You can increase your brand’s visibility and credibility by teaming up with popular Indian social media users. You may learn a lot about client sentiment and possible problems with your brand’s reputation by listening in on their discussions and seeing when your brand comes up. 


Using these methods of managing your company’s reputation, you can learn more about how the Indian market perceives your business online. This way, you may head off client complaints, increase brand loyalty, and improve your company’s image online. Maintaining a positive image for your brand requires constant attention. The success of your brand in India’s dynamic digital market depends on your ability to stay alert and adapt quickly.