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DI was created for health and lifestyle improvements for all. We invite patrons to come and pursue their aspirations for wellness with us. DI was created to help patrons have a memorable wellness experience. 

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Booking & Cancellation Policy

All government taxes are charged additionally and will be levied upon the patrons. All confirmations are subject to receipt of advance within 72 hours of booking your trip. If cancellation occurs before 15 days of travel, there will be no charge. Between 7 and 15 days, there will be a charge of 50%, and 6 days to the day of reservation, there will be no refund.

DI will charge 10% fee on all amendments made within 15 days of arrival.

If a credit card is provided at the time of booking, it will be charged 5% extra upon cancellation. The management at DI reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any of its policies without prior notice.

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All foreign nationals entering India are required to have a passport with a valid VISA obtained by the government of India.